Sunday, 4 August 2019

Two Well Dressed Rabbitty Hares - Luna Lapin


Why make one rabbitty hares when you can make two.

They both have pretty dresses with peter pan collars.

Two little felt coats complete with antique mother of pearl buttons, thanks Julie for your lovely gift, its taken a while to find a use for these teeny buttons.

I was going to put fancy pants (French lace knickers) on them but they got fluffy tails instead.

I thought that making dinky dress and coats would be easier than full size ones but these were fiddly to make.  It was made easier using the Singer Featherweight, its got a lovely little foot on it which was perfect for doing the top stitching.

The felt shoes were easier to make than I thought.

Got a piece of grey felt left so might make a boy one.

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Rabbity Hare - Luna Lapin


I bought this book as a gift for my lovely sister, Sandi then another one slipped into my shopping basket. I thought we could make little Rabbity Hares together.

I have never made a "soft toy" before so this is a whole new world for me.  She is made out of felt and the rabbit body and head are sewn by hand except the ears, they are done on the machine.  Unusually, all the seams are over cast on the outside.  I struggled with this at first, seams should be hidden?  But it works beautifully.

Here she is just her arms to attach with lovely vintage shell buttons.  She also has button eyes.

When I brought her home from my sewing group, Burt my collie thought she was a new dog toy and nearly ate her.  This frightened the Rabbity Hare and she went into hiding for a few days!  Naughty Burt.

She has a lovely  wardrobe of clothes to make, I haven't done dressmaking for 30+ years, wonder if I remember how to do it.

Patterns and fabric all ready for action.  I have been saving the lovely ditsy buttons, they are perfect for little garments.

Watch this space.

If you fancy making your own Rabbity Hare all the details are here

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Tapestry Cushions


There is a lovely company who do tapestry kits called Ehrman.  I have done a few of their cushion kits in the past.  You can find the company here

The first one was this dark one with Roses.

That was followed by this larger Foxgloves one.

Then I did a couple of mini kits (not made by Ehrman) which I put into cushion panels.

This lighter Rose one was on my frame for years, I got 90% of it done then for some reason (probably when I bought my first Singer Featherweight!) it got put away unfinished.

I was recently given an Ermin kit, it was unopened.  So I had to finish the Rose one before starting a new one.

I had this glorious green velvet panel in my fabric stash, it was actually an upholstery fabric sample someone gave me, it still had a label on the back.  It also had a rubbery finish on the back which transferred onto the paintwork on my Singer 221 machine.  This had to be carefully cleaned off the shiny black paintwork, crikey will have to be more careful.

The new project is a Pansy cushion,

Pansies are one of my favourite flowers, they smell so nice and look so happy!

I've had a quick look on the Ehrman website, I couldn't see the Roses and Foxglove cushions so they mustn't have them anymore.


Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Tilda Fabric Project


Found a use for the fat quarter pack of Tilda fabric.  This is the second project from this book.

Embroidery panel done, I haven't done a very much of this especially the satin stitch on the letter L.

It's a stationery pocket to hang next to my desk.

It has a pocket for pens and another below for stamps (no more searching, I will know where they are).  I used the Tilda ribbon that held the bundle together for the hanging loops.

I will keep any letters that need me to do something with them instead of just putting them in the filing box and forgetting about them!


Monday, 6 May 2019

Beamish Museum Shed Envy


I am a shed sort of girl, perhaps its being brought up on a working smallholding farm in Yorkshire.  I have 2 lovely sheds (well one is a summerhouse) and my greenhouse is masquerading as  shed!

We took Burt to Beamish for a day out, it was my birthday treat.

Great place, I drooled over their sheds.

This little hook caught my attention.

I think this posh looking shed is made out of an old boiler.  The windows are great.

They have rebuilt a cottage belonging to quilter, the poor chap was murdered.  I thought that there would be quilts in there but no, just one on the bed and quilting frame in front of the fire.  He designed Durham Quilts.  There was an article in one of the quilting magazines about this.  I thought that they would have had a collection of quilts in there and make a big deal out of the quilts but the chap dressed in period costume was only talking about the murder.  I was a little disappointed re the lack of quilts.  My sister had been to Beamish, she was given a guide and in was a quilt trail for you to find quilts in the other buildings, unfortunately we weren't given anything when we paid to go in, the girl on the desk was too busy admiring Burt the flirt! She must of forgotten.

Burt the collie, enjoyed his day out.

The even rebuilt the cottage with a crack in the wall.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Homemade Needle Case Birthday Present


Just for a change I actually made something with my Singer 221K, all I have seemed to do recently is service and restore my machines instead of using them!

Using the Centennial Featherweight I made a needlecase using the pattern from this lovely book (bought from The Works for just a few pounds).   It was for my sister Sandi.

I tweaked the embroidery pattern a bit missing out a cat (my sis is not a cat person)

Filled it with a selection of needles and pins, a teeny charm pack of Moda fabric and a handy Prym chalk tracing wheel.

All ready to go.

We had a visit to Beamish Museum a few weeks ago, in the Drapers shop they were selling fat quarters so I bought a few, the fabric is lovely quality.  Still got 2 more to use.

She loved it, phew!

When I went into the sewing shop to buy the charm pack and tracing wheel.  Three fat quarters of Tilda somehow fell into my shopping basket.  So had another project to do, this is the start of it.

Its a pouch for keeping letters in to hang on the back of the door next to my desk to keep my "things to do letters" in.  I have a habit of stuffing into a box and forgetting about them!


Wednesday, 3 April 2019

White Singer Featherweight 221K


Its official, I am a compulsive Featherweight Buyer, just can't help it

My local Auction House had this little gem in a job lot.  I spotted the case online so a quick trip to town on Sunday morning to check it had the matching white machine inside.  I opened the lid and quickly shut it as there were loads of people milling about,  didn't want them to get any ideas or see how cute these machines are.  Pushed it to the back of the shelf hoping no one would spot it.

After leaving an online bid, I waited till Tues to see if my cunning plan worked.

Yeah it did.  So off to collect my treasure.

Wasn't sure what the other items were as I hadn't really looked at them.  There was a dealer chap collecting his lots who offered to buy my unwanted items, so I let him have the pictures, he gave me £15 for them which covered the commission on my lot.  He seemed a bit too keen to get the other items so I brought them home, good job I did, the compass is worth some money so will put it and the other items  on Ebay later on, if they sell anywhere near what I think they are worth, I will have got a free machine.  He also was keen to know what I was going to do with the sewing machine and was trying to find out about it as it was a "miniature" one! Not wanting him to find out about these machines in case the auction house get some more in, I just said casually, "bought it to sew on" so he lost interest in it!

Its in good condition with just a few nicks on the paintwork, its original white belt is in good condition so will keep that safe and use a black one on the machine.   I had the correct box for the accessories and managed to find a manual on ebay. The machine dates from 1968/69.

Gave it a clean and polish along with a jolly good oil. The case was grubby with a few scratches, stuck down a few loose bits.  The lining paper is in good condition, put a piece of oil cloth in the bottom to protect it when the machine is stored in it.

The tension took a bit of sorting out but not too bad.  It sounded a bit tractor like at first but as the oil began to do its job, the machine became quieter.

My Featherweight collection is now complete.

221K Black
221K Centennial Black
222K Free-arm Black
221K White

Unless I find a Tan one, now there's a challenge!  Never seen one for sale in the UK.