Thursday, 8 November 2018

Teeny Quilt


Its ages since I have done a blog, blame Burt the collie at 16mths old he has loads of energy so lots of walks.  I have gone down one size in trousers!  Who needs a gym membership when you have a Burt!

The downside of all this extra exercise is that I don't have as much spare time to sew and as the weather has been really good recently no unexpected days off work when it rains.

I bought this little mouse for my great niece Violet who loves ballet.

Thought that she might like a surprise so I put it in a pretty box.

Seemed a bit mean to just leave it in the box so I made a comfy bed for it complete with mini patchwork quilt, the pink is Liberty Lawn.


Sunday, 26 August 2018

Greist Decorative Zigzagger Attachment


I found this interesting attachment on Ebay, it was under £10.

 It came in its original box which is a bit tatty but functional.

The instruction booklet was in good condition but bent in the middle, I had a fix for this problem.

A fairly hot iron made it flat again so that it will stay open.  If you want to tidy up any of your vintage manuals, this works a treat, its surprising how even the tattiest manual brushes up.  If you are wondering what made me think of ironing paper, I used to work in a posh hotel, we ironed the daily papers to put in special canes so that they could be hung up for the residents to read.

I like the Greist manuals, the later ones has tabs with headings.  This is date 1953.

It does a really excellent zig zag which is adjustable in width.

The decorative zig zags are changed by using little disks

They go under the press stud on the side.

It just pops off, no disks makes it do its zig zag stitch.

Unfortunately, this one only had 3 of these disks and it's missing the blind hem stitch which is a shame.

Depending on the number of the disk, ie 3 and 3 means, 3 tiny straight stitches then a zig, 3 more tiny straight stitches and then the zag.

Unlike the Singer Swiss Zigzagger, this one does not require you to either drop the feed dogs or cover them up to disengage them.

So if you are looking for a reasonable priced attachment for your straight stitch vintage machine, this is a great buy.

All I need now is the missing disks but I think they might be tricky to find.


Saturday, 18 August 2018

Baby Quilts No. 11 and 12


The grand total of baby quilts made is one dozen, there has been a baby boom over recent years.  When I made my first, I had no idea I would end up making so many.

Here is No. 11 for my friend's 2nd Granddaughter, Sophia.

No. 12 is for my Sister's 7th Grandson (a few years ago, she was grandchildless then her 3 children really got to work producing them!). He arrived yesterday, a whopping 10.7lb.

If you look carefully there are little mice hiding.

There I am done, no more babies planned (that I know of!).


Monday, 13 August 2018

Singer Sewing Machine 221/222 Swiss Zigzagger and Walking foot No. 160991


My sister bought  a Swiss Zig Zagger that fits low shank machines, especially the 221K and 222 machines.

She raved about it soo much that I searched Ebay for one and found this in Italy.  Yeah.

It should have 10 discs with it to change the style of the stitches but sadly this one didn't have them my sister kindly gave me 2 spare ones.  You can order them on Ebay, not original but copies of them. They work fine. The sample is of all 10 stitch cams plus the ordinary zig zag stitch.

The beauty of this little attachment is that it doubles up as a walking foot as well.  For straight stitching move the levers on the back the manual shows you how.

It comes in a really cute box.

 It should have a feed dog cover plate but its gone walkabout as well.  I pinched one out of the Griest Buttonholer box, the one that is missing is smaller than this one so it fits in the box.

There is another version of this attachment, No. 160990 the only difference is that it doesn't have the cream shell cover on the attachment itself.

There has been quite a few on Ebay recently a couple of them went for over £100 so not cheap but there was one that went for half that last week.



Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Burt the Collie meets a pig


I had forgotten how lively a young border collie is!  Luckily, there is a field full of animals for Burt to watch.  He has stopped barking at his new friends.

Today, Pricilla the old pig came to the fence for apples, I was taking some unripe fruit off my tree to stop the branches snapping.  Burt couldn't believe his eyes, he wasn't sure what it was.

He is very keen on the sheep, think he is lying down so they can't see him!

Doesn't work, she knows he is there.

He is a terror when there are cats around, oh and bunnies.  When its dark he goes into mega hunt mode, running around the garden like a headless chicken, will have to try a few things to see how I can stop this, if I don't fix this, he will be a real pain when the nights draw in.  

He found a poorly hedgehog in the garden on Friday, to be fair to him, he only looked and didn't touch it.  I had to take it to the vets as the poor thing was having difficulty breathing, the vet had to put it to sleep.  

He also find moths in the house, he sniffs them out of their hiding places (last one was under the cooker), Buzz my old dog was great at finding animals, it looks like Burt is following in his pawsteps.

Apart from the small furries hunting mode, he is being quite good.  He is a very clever dog which is proving a challenge, if he doesn't want to do something, he refuses!  He was supposed to have a good recall, yeah right!  He just naffed off (he was in a secure field thank goodness) so I had to teach him to lie down, so now if he gets too far away from me, I can shout lie down and he will drop, phew.  That was last week's lesson, this week is a recall from the down,  He is getting the hang of it in the secure field, not sure if this will all work when there are other dogs around or bunnies! 

I keep have to remind myself we have only had him 3 weeks and we have had lots of success with him.

So for a dog from the Dogs Trust, he is doing OK (fingers crossed).


Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Singer 221K Running on its own - Faulty Noise Capacitor


My 221k suddenly started to run on its own but luckily, having already had this problem with my 222k I knew what to do.

Here is how I fixed the   222K  The noise capacitor in the this one was different to the 221K below

I removed the capacitor from the foot pedal - the capacity is the thing that looks like a battery with the red on.  When it goes wrong, it sends a continuous current across the terminals making the machine run on its own.

Burt was very interested in what I was doing, he seems to like his photo being taken.

All back together with the capacitor removed.

Friday, 20 July 2018

A new friend, Burt the collie


We have finally had to say goodbye to Buzz our lovely collie.  His back legs started to give way more so it was time.  It broke our hearts.

I have had dogs since 1981, the house was empty so we decided to look for a new friend.

We were really lucky to find Burt at the Dogs Trust.  He had only been there a couple of days, he had been handed in by his elderly owners as the chap had become ill and hospitalised.  The lady was frail and couldn't manage the dog anymore.  It must have been awful to hand such a dear boy into the Trust.

He wasn't coping in the kennels at all, he was very excited by all the dogs (he loves to play) and was very stressed being fastened in a kennel despite them putting a doggy friend with him.  He wouldn't eat so they rushed through his adoption as quick as possible. So on Sat morning off I went in my van to collect him.

The first day he was very stressed, but slowly started to find his feet.  I took him for a long walk, he soon started to walk on the lead properly.

On Sunday, I concentrated on stopping him diving out of the front door, it didn't take long for him to stop doing it.  He has separation anxiety, so gets very upset when he is left for even a minute.  He has been very well trained, he sits, lies down, gives a paw, really great heel work on a lead,

Monday, he was more settled, still not eating properly but he started to play with Buzz's toys so my house looks normal again, toys every where.  I did lots of trips out in the garden leaving  him in the house to help him with his anxiety of being left, walking in without fussing him.  It made a difference, he became less anxious.

Tuesday, he was in the back garden more as the weather was cooler.  He is frightened of the Llamas and barked at them if they looked at them so they spat at him!  Yuck.  He is not bothered by the sheep or pony unless they are looking at him which sets him off barking. The answer was to chuck apples off the tree to get the animals to look elsewhere.

He likes to stay near the fence watching the animals, a bit like a dog TV!

Burt is only 13 months old so is still a pup really.  He is quiet in the house (famous last words), I have started to leave him for longer so we are getting there.
We had a big thunderstorm he wasn't the least bit bothered about the thunder so not noise sensitive yeah.

Thursday and today he was home alone for a couple of hours while I went to work, he was a good boy.  He had moved a couple of my shoes but not eaten them.

His personality is starting to show, he loves his toys, he can hold 2 toys in his mouth while he plays foot ball with another ball, he is a very skilled dribbler.  He is good at undoing your shoelaces when you are not looking, and likes to have a sly gentle nip at your heels when you walk away from him, naughty boy.  He loves people, very friendly, goes potty when he see kids but wants to jump up.

He has been to the pub with us, not sure at first until he realised that our neighbours wanted to fuss him then he was in 7th heaven.

We have started to let him off the lead in the field so he can stretch those long legs.

Buzz was such a perfect dog, Burt has big paws to fill but he's doing OK.