Saturday, 16 May 2020

Cornish Treats in Lockdown


I have been unwell from the virus since 11th March, had 3 goes when I thought I was over it only for it to clobber me again.  Its debilitating and scary not seeming to make any progress, its like snakes and ladders.  I finally got tested, it was negative but no explanation way I feel so tired and at times quite ill.

My dear friend, Sarah said she had sent a "surprise" in the post.  We sew together so was expecting something sewing related.  How wrong I was.

It was a cream tea in a box all the way from Cornwall.

An afternoon tea in the garden, set a table up, scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam.  The tea is Cornish tea.

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We had a lovely time in the garden, it was sunny.  Just like being on holiday for a while.

A huge thank you to Sarah for a very thoughtful gift, just what a needed when I was feeling low.


Friday, 8 May 2020

VE Day Bunting made on White 221K


My pesky cough back in March turned out to be more than just a cough.  Its likely that it was the dreaded lurgie, which has absolutely floored me and I am still not back to normal yet.  Last week I finally got a test and it was negative so that was the best news.  I was worried in case it hadn't actually gone away.  

On Monday, I realised that VE Day was looming so a quick call into my local fabric shop for some material for bunting which arrived super fast.  It was a handy panel with 32 printed flags on it.  Got the White Featherweight out and made two lots of  bunting, one for me and one for my fab sister.  It was lovely to feel well enough to do some sewing on a machine.  Not really used this machine much, I got from an Auction house in the a job lot of other things, some of which I sold.  This machine was a bargain.

We had a tea party in the garden, my partner was in character.  He thought the bearskin add class to the occasion.

Here's the bunting on the summerhouse.

If you look carefully, you can see the Singer advertising signs, wish I could afford original ones.

Burt nicked the bearskin rug and scragged it, naughty Burt.

We had a lovely afternoon tea, our neighbours were out in their gardens and we all toasted Churchhill's speech on the radio at 3pm.  

Take care

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Featherweight Foot Pedal Bag and cable tidy


Been confined to barracks (well my sewing room aka conservatory) due to a pesky cough.  So have been having a bit of play with my 222 Featherweight.  Going to make a bag to keep the case in,  this is work in progress

I made a few of these drawstring bags to keep the cables and plug in in my featherweight box that have the foot control in the holder in the lid so that the plug doesn't stratch the paintwork on the machine.

The 1951 has a top accessory tray so the foot control and cables go in this bag and tuck it down the side of the machine to store it safely.

I have been looking on Facebook, Blogger a lot over the last couple of days to fill the time in, a very clever lady on Facebook had the idea to use a loo roll tube to keep the cables tidy.  Went a step further and covered it in pretty "sticky back plastic" in the tried and tested Blue Peter way!

I cannot for the life of me remember which Facebook page the idea was on so apols not to give a link.


Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Leatherwork Workshop


Had a little outing with my big sister, we went on a Leatherwork 1 day course at ArtisOn  on Friday.  It was a full day course, in the morning we learned how to dye the leather, then using neatsfoot oil followed by a wax mixture conditioned the leather ready to work.

We made a little coin purse with it, the hand stitching was a bit harder than I thought!

Then after a yummy two course lunch, our next project was a belt.  The belt blanks were already dyed for us, we had to put an edge on the leather with a special tool, then burnish the edge to make it smooth.  We fitted the buckle then after gluing, hand stitched it.

So a new hobby to fit in around my sewing and machine repairs.


Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Bakelite Sewing Machine Accessories Drawers


Its raining again! So no work today.

I found this little set of drawers on Ebay, they were a filthy barn find apparently.  So spent a little time today cleaning them up and filled them with treasure.

Don't know what make of machine they come from, there are no Simanco part numbers so presume its not Singer related.  I think it must have been screwed into a Sewing machine cabinet as there are 4 screw holes on the back.  I am guessing they are from the 20/30s?

Any suggestions of their pedigree would be welcome.

Update - have been told they are Vintage Bernania accessory drawers.


Sunday, 12 January 2020

Singer 222k Featherweight Original Receipt


I have given my friend's Singer 222K Featherweight a bit of a service.  It had not been done for many years, it was in great need of some oil, lubricant and new feet.

Inside the manual is the original receipt.

The box was looking well worn with very old stickers on it from when it moved abroad with her. Its amazing that it survived the journey.  The stickers took some getting off, as usual I forgot to take a before photo.  They have left a mark on the box but considering they had been there for 30yrs, not too bad.

The foot pedal has a chunk out of it covered in electrical tape so have ordered a replacement.  When it arrives I will be able to give the machine back.

Take care

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Embroidery Floss Holder and Other Xmas makes


Happy New Year.

The elf had been busy in my cottage, she (I)  made Xmas presents and tree decorations.

An embroidery floss folder.

Then got carried away making patchwork tree baubles with redwork embroidery panels.  I love making these.

Had a go at foundation patchworking making these Xmas tree coasters for my Christmas table.