Tuesday 28 February 2023

Durham Quilt Rescue


Well it's been quite a while since I last posted (again!).  My New Year Challenge was this  very sad Durham Quilt found in an attic when I was helping a friend to empty her father in laws house.

The quilt had been used to cover a large hinged loft hatch and was nailed to it.  It was grubby and the sun  had rotted the exposed side (attic had windows).  All the edges were very worn.  I had the idea that it could be saved somehow and perhaps made into something else so took it home with me.  First job was to wash it, which made the bad side even worse, the fabric almost desintegrated 

Thinking cap on, cushion covers? but decided to make a smaller quilt cutting off the damaged sides. Bought a sheet from Dunelm which was made out of recycled fabric, it was quite thin and very soft which made it a better match with the old worn soft fabric of the quilt.  Used this as backing, covering up the worn out fabric.  Made applique hearts to cover up holes on the "good side" put pretty binding on the edges.  A running stitch around each heart anchored the backing fabric.

All done, I kept thinking about the original woman, who spent a long time hand quilting such a lovely design, hope she would be glad we didn't throw it in the bin.  Its still delicate in places but now has a job keeping my friend warm.

It will be quite a surprise when she sees it next week.



Tuesday 30 August 2022

Additions to the Button Box


Gosh, its been a long time since I did a blog.  Better late than never?

As you can guess, I have a thing about buttons, not a huge collection just occasional little gems.

Here are the latest additions.

A find on eBay, an interesting job lot.

Think these are the best of the bunch.

This is so pretty

The lovely Lizzie from whatthisbikeneeds.blogspot.com/  kindly sent me a gift.  She thought the book was "right up my street"  she wasn't wrong.  Its all about family buttons through the generations, found in button boxes, cut off garments and later on added to others.  Small treasurers triggering memories of childhood, long gone family, happy times of small children playing with granny's button box.  Thank you Lizzie for a perfect gift.

Will try not to leave it so long until my next blog.



Wednesday 7 April 2021

Sewing Room Revamp - New Old Shelves


I have been having a bit of tidy up in my Sewing Room AKA The Conservatory, AGAIN.  I get it tidy, do some sewing and  then it looks like a bomb's dropped.

My neighbour has been having a clear out and she kindly gave me this little cabinet, perfect for housing my collection of oil cans (I know a bit weird but I think they are cute).

The lovely Sarah sent me a gift in the post, its one of her original paintings of a little mustard spoon.  Luckily I had a little easel that was just the right size to display it.  Here is Sarah's etsy shop Sarah Oatley

I had been keeping my vintage cases on a chair, they are full of material, sewing projects they keep the sun off the fabric to stop it fading.  I had bought some little clay plant pots online from a local shop, when I went to collect them I spied this little set of shelves through the door so on a whim bought them as well!  Think the idea of looking at the outside of shop went to my head! 

There was enough room for my Sylko and Trylko thread drawers (yes, they are full of cotton reels).  
The case on the top is full of things needed to service sewing machines.

Sewing has taken a bit of back seat at the moment, the weather has been good and the garden has needed some attention.


Wednesday 10 February 2021

English Paper Piecing - Hexie Quilt Finished.


Yeah, I have finally finished my Hexie Quilt.  It has taken some time.  

I started in 2017 with a jelly roll scrap bag and a good selection of cut strips from my stash.

These ended up in this little box as hexies ready to go.

The very first line.

This project has been on several holidays along with days out, sewing group, my summer sitting in the garden sewing and lots of winter days when I couldn't work.  In my defence of taking such a long time, there has been many other projects completed while this has been in the wings waiting.  I did finish it last year but had been putting off making it up into a quilt until this last week.

Trimming the edges after quilting diagonally along the edges of the hexies.

Used the Singer 201 in the table, this machine does such a good job.

The quilting shows up better on the back.  The gloves are really extra grip gardening gloves but they work brilliantly giving better grip on the quilt moving it under the machine.

Glad its finally finished.  Phew.


PS.  In case anyone is wondering, there are 2500ish hexies.

Friday 22 January 2021

Knitting Needle Holder made on Singer 222K


My friend's Mum asked me if I could make her something to hold her knitting needles in.

I didn't need any encouragement, any excuse to use my Singer 222K.

This is what I came up with.

Anita uses 8" needles, as I am not a knitter, didn't even know that needles came in this size!  Thought they were the long ones.

Hope she likes them.


Sunday 27 December 2020

Christmas Elf has been Busy with Felt and Leather.


Happy Christmas, wishing you all the best in very difficult times.

This year I definitely didn't want to go Xmas shopping so more home made presents than ever.

The cottage has had a mouse infestation, this little lot moved into the conservatory for a short while.

I started making felt baubles, got carried away 

For Joss, a couple of teeny horse shoe tree decorations with her ponies' names on.

Had a go at leather work, making key rings, its harder than it looks.  I did buy a stitching "pony" to hold the leather while I stitched which made it easier.

For my good friend Steph,  a new leather "gardening pinny" complete with phone pocket made on the Singer 222K. I did put a pair of garden snips in there.   I use one all the time when I am working, to keep my snips and garden wire to hand to save me from leaving my tools in the gardens.

Scallop shell scented candles - sprayed them silver, added sea glass "feet", melted scented tealights using the wicks.

Then just for fun, tried the same idea with little shells.

Transformed curtain rings into decorations for my tree with felt, gold thread, bell and ribbon.

I've really enjoyed sewing this years gifts, much better than visiting a busy shopping centre (apologies to the shop owners).  Did do a bit of shopping at local garden centre and animal feed shop for toys for the dogs.

Here's to a better New Year.
Take care

Monday 14 December 2020

Garden Sieve Xmas Wreath


The cottage elf has been fairly busy recently as she doesn't want to go to the shops for Xmas presents.  Will show the results of the Great Xmas Pressy make after the big day.

In the meantime, thought I would show you my very homemade Xmas wreath.  I had collected lots of fir cones this summer after sweeping up a path in one of my work gardens, seemed a shame to put them in the green bin.

I started with a very old bentwood garden sieve which I bought in at an auction years ago.  It was full of woodworm so I treated before painting it.  Each cone was wired on, this took for ever.  Added some gold bells and some shells which I had sprayed silver.  A set of battery powered lights were wound around the cones.

Its hung on my summerhouse as my front door is glazed.

All lit up, the lights are on a timer.  They are surprisingly bright for battery power.

I had a little wire cone shaped plant support which with the same type of battery lights, looks great in the dark.

Take care