Monday, 30 September 2013

Dog with Rubber Chicken


We have been on a jolly jaunt for a couple of weeks and ventured "down South" in our motorhome.  Buzz of course, came too along with an assortment of toys including his favourite rubber chicken which he carried all over the place, much to everyone amusement making people laugh as they walked by.  Had loads of photos taken of him, it was strange being stopped in the street for a photoshoot.

We went to Sussex, what a beautiful part of the Country, I have never seen so many trees.  Found a super campsite near the Bluebell Railway surrounded by woods, just behind our van was a small paddock full of wallabies and 5 tiny deer.  Buzz thought it was very exciting, he spent hours watching (not chasing) them.  He liked his hoppety friends.

Here's the Monk Jack deer, she was very partial to a leaf snack

 One disadvantage of taking Buzz with us that he still expects to get up at normal 7 am and being on a campsite I had to get up and walk him off site, so we had some lovely morning walks at sunrise, look a glowing dog

Our walk at Heaven Farm.

A walk in the woods.

Early morning work of art.

Buzz found an alternative to the chicken but wasn't willing to share!

 I did take some sewing projects with me which I will share with your when I get the photos sorted out.  I went shopping and found some super sewing related treasures.