Saturday, 27 October 2012

Cozy Cover for Singer Featherweight


I decided that my Singer Featherweight needed a cozy cover to keep the dust off it and protect the paintwork when I am not using it.  It does have its own wooden box to store it but I prefer to keep the machine out so it is ready for action at a moments notice!

Found this Laura Ashley check fabric in my cupboard and thought it would be perfect.  It looked a bit plain so I added badge to tart it up.  The fabric perfectly matched the chair cushion cover I bought recently.  The small jug holding the rotary cutter etc was bought in a lovely vintage shop on a whim, I had to have it cos of the colour but I wasn't sure what would be done with it until I thought of a storage jar on my sewing table.

Speaking of cozy covers, as the weather was very parky last night, my hand sewn patchwork quilt has come out.  This English paper pieced quilt was intended to be a cushion cover made out of left over curtain material but I got carried away, added the pink fabric to it and it ended up as a double bed quilt.  Needless to say it took a while but this quilt is the reason I now have the quilting bug especially the hand quilting bit.  There is something about sitting on the sofa with a cozy quilt draped over me while I hand sew.  Heaven.



Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Basket Makeover

Well, a day off today (pesky weather!) so had a day with my Featherweight Singer Sewing machine.  I have been making Xmas (sorry to mention the word!) pressies but unfortunately can't show you what I have been up to as someone might be watching Blogger!  But I can show you my tarted up basket.  Here it is before its makeover

And here it is with its new (well nearly new, OK vintage) Laura Ashley lining.  Its going to be my projects (in waiting and to be completed) basket, see already in use storing my favourite fabric which I can't bring my self to cut into yet, its going to be another quilt eventually.



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pin Cushion Obsession?


Well, its been lovely weather in North Yorkshire so been busy doing my gardening job which means hardly any sewing (rainy days are for sewing not gardening!).  But I have managed to complete the pin cushion kit I bought from the lovely shop in Wallingford.  It was bit fiddly to make but worth it.  As usual, sewn on my lovely Singer Featherweight machine and finished by hand.

Its a sort of desk tidy for my sewing room (apols for the bad photo but you will get the idea).

Remember my crazy patchwork, I had a little piece left so made another heart pin cushion with pretty braid and buttons on it.  It isn't technically crazy patchwork but uses the same technique of sew and flip on the sewing machine.

I love making little patchwork projects, the last few have been pin cushions, I am running out of pins!

Bye for now, its sunny again so off gardening.



Monday, 1 October 2012

Holiday Fabric Treasure


Just got back from holiday and thought that I would share some holiday fabric treasure.

We called into Wallingford in Oxfordshire to visit a dear friend (hi Sheila) and just round the corner was a fabulous fabric shop called Village Fabrics (they have a website ) last time I was there it was a curtain fabric shop with a small amount of patchwork fabric.  NOW it's a patchwork shop with  a small amount of curtain fabric.  What a super shop, it runs classes, has quilting groups, knitting and crochet group, sewing groups.  When I was there an afternoon class was just finishing and the ladies were streaming out with their sewing machines, it sounded that they had a wonderful afternoon.  I nearly spent my holiday money in the first day! but I got a hold of myself and just had a small spend.  Bought some fat quarters, some   garden design buttons, a pin cushion kit and would you believe it a bag of scraps for £3 which will be brilliant for crazy patchwork.

On the same trip, I found some lovely vintage buttons, some of which are mother of pearl for 5p each in a posh antique shop in Llangollen, and in another shop, four fat quarters of William Morris material.

Buzz enjoyed his holiday especially the walks along the canals, here he is having a rest on a long walk

Isn't that the prettiest place?

We went on a horse drawn canal boat at Llangollen and here is Buzz waiting while we had breakfast, love the sign

Well, off to get started on all that fabric - I will let you know how I get on.