Saturday, 26 April 2014

Irish Chain Baby Quilt


My lovely customer Cyndi, who I garden for, asked me if I would make a baby quilt to send to America for her niece's baby. Its a little girl due in the summer so I got some lovely girly pink fabric with sweet little teddies on it.  Decided on Irish chain pattern, it is so simple but very effective.

Made a tote bag for it with the spare fabric.

I hand quilted it on the diagonal using masking tape as a guide and appliqued an embroidered label on it, my American friend Julie said that I must put England on it, I was going to put North Yorkshire but she said that many Americans would never had heard of it!  Can't believe that.

Have a double quilt to make for a wedding present for next year but couldn't decide on a pattern but now I think that I have found the perfect one.


Monday, 21 April 2014

Restored Singer 201


Things have moved on with the Singer 201K.

I gave her a 'wash and brush up', alright an 'oil and clean'.  The best thing to get grime and muck off the lovely black paintwork is Singer Machine Oil, just wipe it on with a soft cloth taking care not to rub when wiping over the decals.  Then polish it with a clean dry lint free cloth.

 The knee bar arrived from ebay and I was dying to try it out but I hadn't sorted out the problem with the dodgy old wire coming out of the motor.  My partner took the motor off and took it apart to find that the old wiring had started to break up, it is covered in cotton which rots with age.  So I ordered a replacement along with a light fitting which was also missing. Got them from the lovely Judy at  Her website is a gold mine of Singer information.  She also sells some spares and donates the proceeds to a charity ( which refurbishes sewing machines and other tools to send as aid to training schools in Africa so that youngsters there can be taught practical skills to earn a living

I have been busy over the weekend, I bought a lovely old desk from Ebay to as a computer/office so spent the first part of the weekend, doing that up.  The bonus of this rash purchase was the original sweet table we were using for the computer was now going spare so made room in the conservatory to use it for the 201.  The machine is soooooo heavy, they're originally known as the 'back breakers' so don't want to have to lug it in and out of its case.

Here she is, fully restored, doesn't she look splendid.

Here is the mechanism for the leg control, I haven't used one of these before and wondered how sensitive it would be and more importantly, could I use one? Apart from forgetting and looking for the foot control! Its great, very controllable much easier to use than I thought.

The damage to the hinge isn't noticeable at all, thanks to Julie and Randal at 

'New motor and Singer Light' they work a treat.

I am going to enjoy sewing in the conservatory on my new machine, it nice to think that something that wouldn't work is now fully refurbished and if I look after it properly and more importantly, use it, will go on for years and years.

First project for it will be a cozy cover to protect it from the sun, don't want the paint to fade.

Till next time.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Singer Sewing Machine 201K Case Refurbishment


Still on with the Singer 201 restoration.  Got the motor and light, just waiting for them to be fitted.  So got on with tidying up the Case.

Singer 201K - has rather a large case, its not solid oak like the Featherweight. It's covered in fake crocodile skin, which is a woven fabric with the fake pattern on the outside.  The case was looking tired so I stuck down all the peeling edges, polished it with a wax polish but it still looked a bit dull and it had a white mark on the top which wouldn't come out, initially, I thought it was mould but now I am not sure, more likely a water mark.  So I reckoned that I couldn't make it any worse so polished it with Briwax, the dark one.  which made a huge different but the white mark still showed through.  Then I had a lightbulb moment and dug out a furniture touch up pen I have had in a drawer for the last 15 years, thank goodness I didn't chuck it out.  I simply coloured in the white marks.

Here is the before

Tad daaaaa

One of the locks was stuck in the lock position so the case wouldn't close properly and of course, no keys with it but the tiny key that came with my featherweight case opened the lock, yipeee.

Well off to enjoy the sunshine while I can


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Singer 201K


Ooops, was playing on Ebay and my finger slipped!  Wonder how many times that excuse has been tried, take my word for it, no one believes it.

Ok, I had a go with my friend Sarah's Singer 201K and it sewed beautifully, totally straight, fast and smooth.  I had sewing machine envy so had a peek on Ebay.

Found a 201 with knee control advertised by a house clearance company, they didn't know what they had.  It had a problem that the knee control was missing so they couldn't try it.  Not totally sure if I believed that, there is a special place in the case for it to go securely, I suspect that it was more like, they would have to electrical test it and it was unlikely to pass so legally they shouldn't sell it.  So it can be a regular thing for sellers to claim their machine were untested cos "they don't know how to operate it", "the plug was missing (often the case if got from a tip, they cut plugs off)", "foot controller and plug leads are missing"  all to get round the laws on selling electrical equipment.  Anyway, the machine was cheap enough so put a best offer on it and got it.  At the same time, found a knee bar on Ebay and ordered that.  But when the machine arrived, they hadn't packed it properly, it had rocked in the case and pulled one of the hinges out splitting the wood.  So rang the company, and to be fair to them, they gave me an instant partial refund so the machine was even  more of a bargain.

Here it is with the split case.

On inspection, the wire to the plug needed the damaged bit chopping off it, the wire to the motor was looking very secondhand. The motor wire is covered with a cotton coating which rots with age so despite me wanting to try it out, I have to wait until the knee lever arrives, I will buy a reconditioned motor and get the case fixed.  So a little work require but I think it will be worth it, the actual machine itself is in good condition, the paint work is especially good.

Will let you know how I get on.  Never used a knee lever control before, wonder how I will get on with it?