Monday, 29 February 2016

Singer Automatic Zigzagger fits Featherweight


I showed my Griest Buttonhole Attachment to my sister, she fell in love with it and went on the hunt for one of her own using my favourite way of shopping, Ebay.

Then she spotted this for under £20 which has to be the bargain of the year.

Having never had a go with this attachment, only seen them on the web, Sandi kindly said that I could borrow it to play with.  What a treat.

The part number for it is 161157 its original manual says it fits Singer, 201, 221 and 222.

It comes with 4 diff red patterns which are easily changed  Each one  of these pattern has its own part number.  Just flip the lid back to change the patterns.  The white ones are from the extra pack of four patterns which originally could be bought separately.

161000 - Zigzag stitch

161001- Blind stitch pattern produces a curve line and one long sideways stitch at start and completion of curve, ideal for hems and overedging.

161002 - Domino stitch pattern ideal for border designs  or motifs

161003 - Arrowhead stitch pattern, again for borders and motifs.

All these patterns can be adjusted in width using a bight (this means stitch width) setting on attachment and length using stitch setting (lever changing number of stitches per inch) on machine.  The manual is very easy to follow.

These Singer designers were clever chaps, there is a lever on the attachment which allows you to swop from zigzag to straight stitch without having to remove the attachment from the machine.  It works by moving the fabric from side to side, the needle stays in the same place.

Sandi had given the attachment a clean and oil (the manual tells you how) before putting it on her Featherweight.

It works a treat.

Update - mine arrived safely from the USA, its has a different attachment number 160985 which the manual states that it fits Singer Machines of Classes 15, 201, 221 and 1200.  I think its a later model than Sandi's.  It's got a couple of patterns missing from the box so it will be fun tracking down replacements.  Don't you just love Ebay!


Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Valentine Gift


Just a quickie

Was given loads of fake leather from a furniture manufacturing company in our village, end of rolls in lots of different colours.  Made a pencil case for my other half to keep all his drawing pens in.  Cos it was valentines, added a little heart.


Monday, 1 February 2016

Christmas Quilt


January is a very quiet time for me work wise but I enjoy the time off, whilst the decorating is screaming at me to get the paint out! The quilt fabric is pulling at me.  Sewing is much more fun.

Every year at Christmas, I think that I will start a Christmas quilt to use as a throw and every year, I run out of time and it doesn't get done.  So last week when it was chucking down with rain, got the lovely Xmas fabric out that Anita gave me along with a triangle template.  The top was pieced together using the Singer Featherweight, was going to machine quilt on this as well but with the wadding it was a little too thick for it so reverted to the Singer 201 which coped with the bulk much better.

This is the result.

In the fabric there was a panel of Xmas designs including labels so used one for a quilt label.

Depending on which way you look at it, this quilt is either 2 months too late or 10 months early!

One more sewing day then I will have to get the paint out.