Monday, 27 July 2015

A Yorkshire Dale - Textile Picture


Well, the miserable rain has given me an unexpected day off so a quick trip to Richmond for some new wellies and a few errands.

Then time to play with the Singer Featherweight, practicing free motion embroidery on my Yorkshire Dale picture.

This is where I had got to after the Workshop at Drawn Threads Drawn Threads  (Sarah uses Facebook so more pictures by my fellow students are on a page).  I don't use Facebook, just got to grips with Blogger!!
Perhaps I should change my Blog name to 'Prehistoric' Button Box, I am so far behind in this technology age.

 Drum roleeeeeee

Confession time, I didn't think about a frame size when I stitched it, just jumping in with both feet.  Then had to put an extra wall along the bottom edge so it would fit in the insert of my recycled picture frame.  I really must plan ahead more, I design gardens like this, never measure anything.  My gardens evolve a bit like this picture.

Thank you Sarah for your encouragement.


Monday, 20 July 2015

Wonderful Workshop - Textile Illustration


Had a wonderful day out at Sarah's (from Drawn Threads) Textile Illustration Workshop.  Took my Singer Featherweight as hand baggage, Sarah does have machines to use but they are modern ones and scare the living daylights out of me!

Never been on a workshop before, Sarah really pushed the boat out.  Our day started out with a pressy all wrapped with brown paper and string (think she is a fan of the Sound of Music!), they held everything we needed to make our pictures.  She had even made lovely badges with our names on so introductions weren't needed.  Baskets of old lace, fabric, bobbins of thread, buttons and beads.  Lots of Sarah's wonderful pictures to inspire us.

Here's my badge, will treasure it.

For my first effort, did a little wall plaque.  Decided rather than putting it in a wooden picture frame, I would frame it with fabric which put me back in my comfort zone as it was the same as binding a quilt.

Got it all done, then Doh, I was the class idiot, so busy concentrating on how to do, didn't notice that I had spelt Happiness with an Y.  Everyone was too polite to tell me so had to unpick it when I got home.  Here's the amended version.

For my second took my inspiration from picture on a card of the Yorkshire Dales which isn't too far away from home.  This really tested my brain cells

I was a definitely out of my comfort zone as here was no pattern or straight lines.  Sarah was on hand to calm my nerves and guide me.

The time flew and then it was home time.  The Yorkshire scene is still work in progress but here it is, the next bit to do is stone walls, think that I will practice on a scrap bit first to try out how to do them.  Then the scary trees to do!

A big thank you to Sarah, and her lovely hubby who carried my Featherweight up the stairs (felt like the Queen having someone to carry for me), he also was the 'Tea Boy' had a badge to prove it!

A really fun day.  You can find more information on Drawn Threads here Drawn Threads

Can't wait for the next one.


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Cushion Love


Just a quickie.  Had a little sewing time instead of gardening last week.  Yippeeee

A pretty cushion for the Lloyd Loom chair in the summerhouse.

Unfortunately I was at the back of the queue when long legs were handed out!  My Singer table is too high for little short me soooo either chop a bit off the legs (the table's not mine, hee hee) or make a cushion pad to raise me up (sure that's a song).

Opted for the cushion, so bought a piece of sponge which I cut to size then covered in matching fabric.

(Whoops, Summerhouse is untidy in the middle of sorting out a box of pictures)

Take care