Monday, 18 November 2013

Miniature Sewing Machines


I seem to be collecting mini sewing machines.

This is my first one Essex Mark II which has been in a previous blog.

When I was on holiday in the lovely Rye I spotted this one in an antique shop looking unloved so it had to come home with me.  A bit of a polish and a much needed oil upon my return and she is up and running.  This Machine is an Essex Mark I which was a copy of the Singer 20.  The Patent for the Singer rang out in 1946 so were copied by other manufacturers. At that time, full size machines had a waiting list so these dinky machines were sold as working machines not toys.

Then I was asked if I could find another one for a little girl Xmas pressy so I started to search Ebay.  Missed a couple of Essex's but then spotted the Grain.  Again a copy of the Singer, it works exactly the same.  This one is in super condition with its original box.  It was very hard to turn the handle so out came my oil and cleaning stuff, it took a while for the oil get to all the parts but now the handle turns easily.

They are a bit tricky to use, you have to hold the end of the thread when setting off and once going, never turn the handle the wrong way otherwise it causes a huge knot underneath and the chain stitch goes wrong big time.