Sunday, 23 August 2015

Dinky Shed Love


So that I can continue to use the Summerhouse as a place to sew and sit quietly, I needed a new shed to put boring things like tins of paint in.  So decided that my new shed would be cute and very pretty.

The bench had a makeover as well, as usual forgot a before photo but it was really tatty and was destined for the tip when we were clearing Dad's garden. 

Found a sweet slate hanging heart at The Works shop for 99p, used a chalk pen to write on it.

Made a pretty curtain out of some recycled fabric.


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Quilt Museum - York


Had a weekend away in York and visited the Quilt Museum

It's a great place to visit

The roof beams were impressive in the main gallery space.

Tricky to take photos as no flash allowed

This quilt was made out of what looked like silk fabric and the black diamonds were velvet.  The pieces were tiny and the quilter had finished the edges with a long stitch of gold coloured thread.  It looked like a stained glass window.

There was  the Red House quilt with all its hand applique work, all sewn in tiny herringbone stitch so neat.

Don't know where this quilt was made but when I was wandering round York there was a Red House

The Quilt Museum is closing at the end of this year, apparently, they don't make enough money keep it open.  They will still retain their collection of 800 quilts and will continue to lend them out to Museums.  Its such a shame for it to close.


Monday, 10 August 2015

Happy Scrappy Quilt


My fabric scrap box was full to overflowing saw this great idea on Amy's blog on how to use up your scraps.

I used 2 ins strips and 8.5ins paper template.

Here is the finished result decided to call it the Happy Scrappy Quilt.

Backed it with some of the Liberty Lawn fabric Anita kindly gave me and made my usual label for it.

Thank's Amy for the inspiration.