Saturday, 26 March 2016

Singer Ruffler Attachment Part No. 86742 & 86642


I have a couple of Singer Ruffler attachments and never found a use for them until now.

They both fit my Singer 221 and 201, they are slightly different to look at but work exactly the same. This one is the 86642 with the adjusting screw at the top.

This on is 86742, the adjusting screw for the size of the pleat is placed on the back of the attachment.

They both have the same adjustment for number of stitches between pleats, 1, 6 and 12 stitches.  So it sews 6 stitches and then puts a pleat in, then 6 more stitches etc.

Here it is fitted on the Featherweight 221, there is a hook that fits over the needle clamp.  You have to make sure that the attachment is firmly attached because its an "active" attachment it moves about which loosens the thumb screw attaching it to the machine so its best to keep checking its tight when in use.

Can you guess what I am making yet?

Rosettes for a village dog show.  All stitched on the Featherweight, in a hurry only decided to make them yesterday after work, the show was on today.

We have just come back from a trip to the Lake District, wonderful scenery, this is Derwent Water at Keswick, the hills are called Cat Bells, I have know idea why they are called that.

Here's Buzz having a snooze in the sun, his boat ride and walk wore him  out.

Take care


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Bespoke coat for Tina the Tiny Terrier


Meet Tina, she is my nieces little dog.  Zoe bought her as a miniature Jack Russell (not sure there is such a dog) but when I saw her fully grown, could see Yorkshire Terrier in there somewhere.  Googled JRT and YT, there were a lot of images that looked like Tina.  So there you go, we possibly know what her parents were.

She was a canny happy little dog when she was a pup, she visited so that she could meet Buzz and they were fine together.  As she grew up, she started to guard her house, barking at everything that moved or made a sound, she was on constant alert which stressed her out and she became a bit growly!  Cos she is such a cute looking thing, everyone wants to touch her which started to freak her out as well.  So Zoe brought her to me as I used to teach dog training classes.  She is to stay with me for 2 days a week while Zoe is at work.  It hasn't taken long to see an improvement, we stopped the guarding completely which has calmed her down immensely.  I am introducing her to dogs, Buzz is so good with her he gave her the space she needed so that she could say hello when she was ready.  She is starting to enjoy life again.  She doesn't look so wary in the photo below which was taken yesterday.  She is a clever little thing, Zoe has been teaching her tricks, a double twirl for a biscuit treat.

Tina doesn't like the cold and hates going out when its raining, looking at Yorkshire Terrier websites this is a common thing with them.  They can be delicate little chaps who can get a chill easily.  So I made a coat for her.  She was tricky to measure as she squirmed about when I got the tape out.  I cut a pattern using this really neat ruler that I got from the lovely Anita, perfect for doing curved edges.

Just layered up the fabric the same as making a quilt, used the Singer Featherweight to quilt the fabric and then make up the coat.

There all tucked up ready for a walk in the chilly air!

Now I have the pattern worked out, going to make her a waterproof coat with waxed cotton fabric.