Sunday, 13 November 2016

Christmas Table Runner


Had a go at making a Christmas Table Runner using Lori Holts templates.

Turned out OK I think.

Its been a  month of dog sitting.  The lovely Kes the jack russell x corgi cross came for her holiday while her "dad" was away in Spain.  I still look after my nieces terrier Tina twice a week and my friend has had an operation so I am walking her Jack Russell every weekday morning.  So have been terrier refereeing!  The girls had to be watched at first until they made friends!  Back to normal now so a quieter weekend.

On Friday at one of my customers there was an extremely old cat wandering in the road, several people put it on the grass off the road but it kept wandering into the road.  At one point it sat on someones door step so I rang the bell to ask them to get their cat in so it didn't get run over, no not their cat.  I watched it for a while until it went behind a reversing car so had to quickly stop the car so it didn't run it over.  The cat was blind, possibly deaf, extremely thin, a bit moth eaten so I borrowed my customers cat box and caught it.  It was a canny old thing, we gave it a drink and some food, asked around no one knew where it lived so as it was cold and getting dark I took it up to a local vets who admitted it cos it had the runs as well.  I later heard from my customers friend that they had traced the owner who was extremely annoyed that I had taken the cat to the vets as it wasn't lost, yeah right, why was it going in circles!  Perhaps she would have preferred if I had let it be squashed on the road!  If she had had it microchipped the vets could have located her! Why she was letting a blind cat out at all is beyond me.