Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mini Quilt Parade


Been playing about with mini quilts which is good fun cos you can complete a quilt in a couple of days, Yeah

The first one I did was machine pieced with hand quilting finish.  Used left over fabric from a lap quilt I gave my friend Julie for Xmas.  The finished squares are 1inch and the "quilt" measures 9.5ins x 12ins.

One of the ladies at Sewing Circle had a Tim Holtz half inch hexie punch and she kindly gave me some teeny hexies.  Had some left over fabric from the last baby quilt so did some English Paper Piecing with them.  This one is hand pieced and machine quilted the totally opposite from the first one.  Finished "quilt" size 9ins x 7ins. 

Last Saturday I went to the new Quilt Show at Harrogate Show Ground.  Bought this set of acrylic small templates along with an extra 1 inch apple core template from Crafty-uk

They came in a cute treasure chest.

Thought the back looked good.

Hand pieced, hand quilted measures 6 x 7.5 ins so the smallest yet.

I know that technically this isn't a quilt but it is hand quilted so nearly qualifies.  All antique mother of pearl buttons.

A little bundle of fun which fell into my shopping basket, 2.5 ins of loveliness.


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Moda Jelly Roll Hexies


When I went to the Stitching Show at Harrogate last year I bought a Scrap Bag of Moda Fabrics for the bargain price of £10.  It was a complete range of fabrics from Jo Morton's Reflections range.  It must have been what was left from cutting out the Jelly rolls so had the selvages on which I  trimmed off leaving me with 2 inch fabric strips.  This is the left over selvages which I did use some as ribbon on my Christmas pressies.

As usual I fannied about trying to decide how to use the strips.

Decided on a ESP project using 1.5inch hexies so that I can sew on a evening while watching the telly.
I wanted a random choice of fabrics so prepared all the fabric on the hexi templates.  I added a few more patterns from a Jelly Roll I already had.  They do look pretty all tidy in their box, seems a shame to start!

Off we go!

Going to make a throw for my settee.


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Treasure - Silk Thread


Ooops, couldn't resist this vintage box of threads off Ebay!

If it had been full of Sylko reels of thread I would have been happy.

These are even better

Pure silk embroidery thread in a rainbow of colours

I have used this type of thread before, hording a couple of reels of it. It's lovely to sew with, doesn't knot up and glides through the material.

Not sure how old it is, going by the colours 30s or 40s?  I Googled Pervale and apparently it was a Mill in Greenford, Middlesex.  

I popped in a local charity shop last Friday and bought a tatty looking box which as usual I forgot to take a "before" photo.  Painted it with Laura Ashley eggshell and cut out a leaf design from the Laura Ashley paper that I have just used in my bedroom.  Also lined the bottom with the paper.

Take care