Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Liberty Lawn Scissor Keep


Poor Buzz had to have a tooth out on Monday and while he was knocked out had fatty lump removed from the inside of his back leg which left him with stitches.  So I am at home with him to make sure that he doesn't lick or nibble his stitches out.  I could put one of those big collar's on him but we once tried that, it frightened the life out of him.  He is being a good boy.  When I got him back from the vets after his op, they told me to only feed him light food so made him some scrambled eggs which he woofed down.  Ten mins later he was still starving, Buzz likes his food so had to give him more, this time softened kibble.  Only then would he settle, his mouth isn't bothering him at all, thank goodness.  He has to stay in until his stitches come out so he is following me about while I sew.

I went to the Stitchery Show at Harrogate a couple of weeks ago and bought two of pairs of pretty scissors for Xmas gifts.  So had a go at making a keep for them.

Made a paper pattern, it seemed the right size! BUT when made up! I got it soooo wrong.

Ooops, made a bigger pattern but again, when made up with fabric and wadding, the scissors fit in but a bit tight.

Bingo, my third attempt was the right size.  Changed the fabric to Liberty Lawn and used my Kam popper kit for the fastening.

Now I know what size to do, they take no time to make up.

Off to tidy up, my dining room table AKA "the cutting table" is a complete tip!