Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Nine Patch - Patchwork Cushion


Had a few days with my Singer Featherweight cos of the flooding and rain, so glad that I don't live near a river!  Have been beavering away making Xmas pressies, its going to be a home made Xmas this year.

Can't show the pressies, don't want to spoil the surprise but I can show you this :-

Had a go at 9 patch machine patchwork before my holiday, found a really good demonstration by our American patchy friends at the Missouri Quilt Company.  Here is a link   Its a really quick and easy way to do patchwork squares on the sewing machine without having to cut each individual square.   I decided that I would make a cushion so that I could take it on holiday with me and hand quilt the squares, which I did. It has sat in my sewing basket waiting to be made up into a cushion cover so this week, finally got round to finishing it.  Its made from Vintage Country Diary Fabric which I had in my fabric cupboard.

Here is the finished cushion.  For a first attempt, I am quite pleased with it.

Its going to live on the spare bed but I took the photo in the conservatory as the light was better in there.



Monday, 19 November 2012

Walking Foot for Singer Featherweight 221


Have been waiting for the postman to deliver my parcel for the USA for a short while.

Tad daaa, here it is a Walking Foot for my 1957 Singer Featherweight - yipeeeeeeeee

I found it on the net at  It was a very reasonable price even with the postage from the States.  April's website has a wealth of information and instructions on everything about Featherweights.  There are instructions for all the feet that come with the machines which is really handy as they are scary looking things but so useful once you know how to use them correctly.

I have some spare feet so am going to have a go at selling them on EBay, I am OK buying but new to selling so fingers crossed.



Thursday, 8 November 2012

Car Boot Sewing Basket


Thought I would give you a tour of my sewing basket.  It was bought at a local car boot for £3, it was in a sorry state.  All the interior fabric was rotting and the plastic wickerwork was grubby to say the least!  I ripped the fabric out and got my steam cleaner out and steamed the box for ages, to make sure that I got all the dirt out and killed of any nasties that might have been lurking, it was really yucky.  I had some vintage peach Laura Ashley fabric for the interior, hand quilted a panel for the inside of the lid and another for the bottom of the basket and lined the sides, used ribbon to hold the lid.  The flowers on the outside are a later addition.  These are hand made from Card Candi which are coloured discs which are bought from the craft shop.  The discs are shaped before setting into silicone gel glue in the shape of a rose with a punched leaf behind.  They are fun to make and so pretty, I was trying to think of ways of using them, I put them on cards before, then I got the idea of putting them on my sewing basket.  They are very robust once made so they shouldn't fall off (famous last words).

Forgot to do a before photo but here is the finished result.

The matching fabric heart pincushion was made using traditional English paper piecing as was the other pincushion and needlecase, all with vintage buttons from the button box.  I love my vintage scissors, they look so much nicer than modern plastic handle ones.   The darning mushroom was an Ebay purchase and is well used, I love darning socks for some reason, not sure if I am right in the head!  Who darns socks nowadays?  The sewing box sits on my coffee table so it is close at hand, its well used!