Monday, 24 April 2017

Quilt Exhibition


Had a quilty day out with my big sister Sandi on Friday to celebrate our birthdays instead of buying each other pressies.  We went to Tennants of Leyburn Auction House as they were hosting a Quilt Display supplied by the Quilters Guild formally the Quilt Museum at York.  There were some lovely ladies demonstrating hand quilting as well.

The old quilts were glorious, the middle one was my favourite it was made from left over parasol fabric, just love the way it was put together with the crushed velvet border. Totally impractical as a quilt, obviously never been used otherwise the silk parasol fabric would have faded and perished.

This is the description of a lovely hand sewn quilt.  Think the description is a bit unkind, I know the lady who made this is long gone but it seemed unfair to criticize the workmanship and even the fabric quality.  I would pay a fortune for old fabric like this.  In my opinion, it's lovely and if I had made it, I would be proud.

Another beautiful quilt.


Here is an inspirational hexie quilt (you know how much I love hexies).  Alas, not made into a quilt so a very old UFO.

We then went into Leyburn for a nice lunch, a browse around the outdoor market.  A trip to Richmond completed a very happy day.  Thank you Sandi for your company.


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Large Handbags & A Mini Quilt


Thought my pesky knee injury was on the mend, was back at work (except the kneeling to weed bit), dog walking keeping up with marching Olwen and her terrier, Archie. Things were looking up, until I stepped down onto my newly mended knee.  It prompty gave way, Olwen went to get the car as I couldn't walk back home, while she was away, I fainted with the pain (what a wimp) cracking my head on the way down!  I am beginning to think that I am the most accident prone idiot I know.  Had been really careful about not stepping down onto my left leg while it was sore forgot when it stopped hurting.  Doh.

Anyway, a few days off, yesterday at the hospital.  Today, finishing off a shopping/hand bag.  I bought the pattern from a company called Monkey Buttons at the quilt show.  I had made a girly pink version to try the pattern out a couple of weeks ago.

Have had this label print cotton linen look fabric for a while, its ideal for machine quilting, straight lines around the labels and free motion on the sewing bits.  The more you quilt, the more fabric stiffen so your bag stands up.

I don't wear a lot of pink so made another one using some vintage suiting fabric (I made a jacket out of this material when I was teenager for my sewing exam at school many years ago).  The leather bit came from an off-cut from the furniture factory in the village.

Used vintage buttons on it which I think are 1930's buttons with the buttonholes made with the aid of my Griest Automatic buttonholer attachment on the Singer 201K.  Lined with Liberty Lawn fabric.

A tiny mini quilt was yesterday afternoon's effort after spending the morning in A& E getting my head bump checked out and knee xrayed!  I decided that sewing would take my mind off sore heads and knees.  Please note if you spot any mistakes in my sewing, I can blame the bump on the head!