Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hexie Quilt


Tad daaa, finally finished.

This quilt has been my longest WIP (work in progress) ever.  The top was pieced together really quickly when I bought the quarter inch foot for the Singer Featherweight.  Really enjoyed sewing the Y seams, got carried away and ended up with a large quilt top.  Came to a grinding halt, making up the quilts is not my favourite pass time.  At a friend's suggestion to save money, used a wool blanket for the quilt sandwich.  It was a good quality heavy wool blanket, it turns out that heavy is not such a good thing when quilting by hand. Stitching in the ditch on a hexie pattern involves lots of twisting round changing direction, this caused the fabric to bunch up.  I didn't have the floor frame then and couldn't get comfortable with a hand frame.

 I kept telling myself it didn't matter too much and it would be fine.

But on completion, was really unhappy with it (lumpy puckered patchwork is not a good look) so unpicked the lot, ditched the blanket. Sulked for a while and then used some lightweight modern wadding.  Machine quilted instead, again tricky with all the direction changes.  It rained on Bank Holiday Monday so spent the afternoon finishing the quilting, putting the binding on and finally hand stitching the yards and yards of binding.

The patchwork fabric is vintage Laura Ashley, the blue was a hexie pack that my sister gave me and I cut the red fabric to match.  I used a quilt cover for the sashing and backing.

Was going to call it the "Harry Potter Quilt" cos of all the hexes but one the girls at sewing said it might put a hex on me so decided to call it "This Took Forever Quilt!"  Going to use it in the motorhome.

If you are wondering, its been on the go for 3 years!  Ooops.