Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Drum Carder Cover


My very good friend Julie asked if I could make a cover for her drum carder to keep it dust free when its not in use.  Yes, I said without really knowing what a drum carder was.

If you are wondering, this vicious thing is a drum carder.  It looks like a medieval implement of torture. You have to keep your fingers away from the spikes they are not nice.  It is used to card wool to prepare it for spinning into yarn.

We went to look for fabric.  I wasn't sure quite how I was going to make the cover but seeing the oil cloth thought that this robust fabric would be just the ticket.  

Had to make a template so I turned the machine on its side, drew round it with a marker pen onto some paper marking the highest curve, then folded the paper into half and cut out the curve so both sides would match.  My Singer 201 made light work of this tough fabric.  Just used my usual quarter inch foot when sewing back of the fabric.  But when top stitching used a roller foot which worked a treat, it stopped the foot sticking to the plastic coating on the fabric.

Here it is, she picked this gorgeous fabric, isn't it yummy, just love the colours.

Made a very simple zipped bag with the left over fabric to keep the rest of her carding tools in.

This is the roller foot in action.  Glad I finally found a use for it.


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