Monday, 23 February 2015

Irish Chain Wedding Quilt


My old school friend's daughter is getting married in March so rashly I thought that I would make a patchwork quilt as a wedding present.  Asked and her favourite colour is blue.

Pieced the top a while ago but have been stalling making the quilt up.  Its tricky to get all the layers of the quilt straight and flat, laying it on the floor at home isn't really an option cos Buzz sheds his coat everywhere. If the quilt had been just for me, I wouldn't bother too much but its for a wedding present and don't want to mess it up.

Then had a brainwave, found a use for my late Dad's front room while the house is empty, somewhere to lay my quilt sandwich.  Yippee, with room to crawl round it while I tack it together with my nifty tag gun.

The hand quilting took quite a while but when the weather is cold, its the best way to pass the time, sitting on the sofa with a cozy quilt draped over me.

Finished it yesterday, doing the final bit sewing the 7.5 metres of binding on.


I like to put a label on my quilts, I normally make a heart shaped one, their wedding invitations had a little wooden heart attached, so having a artist in the house was handy, he drew me a larger version of it which I| traced onto some fabric.  The colour theme for the wedding is a crimson red so despite this quilt being blue, the embroidery (I use this term loosely, embroidery is not my strong point) has been done in red.  Hope the red doesn't run when they have to wash it, might do a test first so that I can warn them.

All wrapped up and ready to go

Hope they like it.

Oh, Buzz rounded up a pig (in his mind, it wandered up to the fence and was oblivious that he was even there, hee hee)



  1. Oh Sharon, it is just gorgeous! I absolutely love it and the heart label is divine. I can't believe the lucky couple will get another present as meaningful, it will be cherished always x

  2. Thanks Josie, I am surprised how nervous I am about this present, I have given quilts as presents in the past but not this big or for such an occasion. Take care Sharon