Monday, 4 May 2015

Summerhouse Hideaway


Today's sunny weather has inspired me to sort out the summerhouse, my intention was to just use it as a shed but when it was put up it was so lovely, it was a shame to use it to store stuff.

Soooo, had a tidy up.  Recycled an old metal shelving unit.  The shelves were very rusty and scanky as they were used to store tools in a garage.

 So I cheated, tidied them up with some grey spotty oilcloth and covered the shelves, gluing it down with hot glue gun.  Burnt my finger in the process, ouch.

These shelves have to house practical stuff like paint, brushes, tools etc.  Used old tins and baskets to store them in.  Didn't know that there were Yorkshire Fish Cakes but apparently there were some once, the old wooden tray that held them is next to the radio tin that I saved this from going in the recycling at one of my customers.

The small cupboard is pure Art Deco.

Finally, my Singer 201 in its original sewing table.

Ooops seem to have created somewhere to sew in the garden, I am a lucky girl.

I needed to cover the windows couldn't decide on making curtains or using a frosted window effect film.  Decided on the film, mainly to protect the fabrics from the sun.  It cuts out the view of the garden when I am in the summerhouse but realistically, I probably will only use the summerhouse when its too hot to sew or sit in the conservatory, so the doors will be open.

Haven't spent much money on this apart from buying the paint for the summerhouse, the timber for base, tin roof,  Llloyd loom chair, new lock, oilcloth to cover the shelves and the frosted film for the windows.  The Singer was free from Freecyle, shelves, cupboard, drawers, chair all came from my parents house.  Books came from Anita and the bookend (aka cobblers last) from Dad's garage.  The summerhouse was free, a gift from my new neighbours, they brought it with them when they moved in but then decided that they didn't want it.

Roll on the summer.

PS.  Everything is level its just my photography that's cockeyed!


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