Monday, 1 February 2016

Christmas Quilt


January is a very quiet time for me work wise but I enjoy the time off, whilst the decorating is screaming at me to get the paint out! The quilt fabric is pulling at me.  Sewing is much more fun.

Every year at Christmas, I think that I will start a Christmas quilt to use as a throw and every year, I run out of time and it doesn't get done.  So last week when it was chucking down with rain, got the lovely Xmas fabric out that Anita gave me along with a triangle template.  The top was pieced together using the Singer Featherweight, was going to machine quilt on this as well but with the wadding it was a little too thick for it so reverted to the Singer 201 which coped with the bulk much better.

This is the result.

In the fabric there was a panel of Xmas designs including labels so used one for a quilt label.

Depending on which way you look at it, this quilt is either 2 months too late or 10 months early!

One more sewing day then I will have to get the paint out.



  1. I love your quilt and I can't believe how quickly you've done it. Your friend must be so pleased that her supplies went to such a good home! Jxx

  2. Thank you, the triangles were much easier than I thought and the fabric is good quality so it held the shape even on the bias. X