Sunday, 10 April 2016

Lori Holt's Bloom Along - Applique Flowers


It's a glorious day in North Yorkshire today and I want to garden but the lawn is too wet to walk on.  Doh.

Sooo having a go at Lori Holt's Bloom Along applique quilt.  I bought the templates a while ago and have been saving the pages to do at a later day but just couldn't wait to try it out.  I have got four blocks completed, the Bloom Along is up to Block 12 so some catching up is in order.  Sewing the shapes on the Featherweight which is ideal for the small tricky ones and doing the applique by hand which is a relaxing pass time on a evening in front of the telly.

Loving it.

 The lovely Anita gave me a box of quilting threads, ideal for appliqueing  the flowers on, can get the right colour so the stitches hardly show.

Well off to start No. 5!  I haven't done all four this morning, did a couple on Friday afternoon.

With all these flowers I am gardening in a way!  It's less strenuous and much cleaner.



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  1. I like to have some hand sewing to do in the evenings too, but it's normally just mending for the family! Your blocks look fab, the finished quilt is going to be so stunning xx