Saturday, 14 May 2016

Sylko & Trylko Cotton Display Drawers


I've been grounded at the moment not allowed to work as I have stitches in my face!  Oooh err, had to have a lesion removed which looks dramatic so I am telling everyone that I have had half a face lift and when I have saved up enough money will get the other side done!  Hee Hee.

Sooo to cheer myself up bought a Trylko cotton set of drawers off Ebay to go with my Sylko drawers.

The Trylko box was a bit chipped so spent yesterday trying to mix paint to match the purple paint, easier said that done.  Got as near as I could and touched up all the white chips which made it look tidier.

To give it a nice sheen polished it with some beeswax.  Not sure if the purple colour is original, I suspect not as its quite rough and there is no logo on the top but it goes well with the orange drawer front.

Its missing a handle so am on the search for a replacement.  Wondering if I could get a replacement 3D printed will have to explore this option.

So here is my trio of vintage drawers

Complete with contents

The lovely Anita sent me a present, a tin full of fab quilting threads which I have stored in my vintage sewing table which I rescued from Dad's garage.

Not sure if I will  be able to use all the reels of threads but will have years of pleasure just looking at them!



  1. They are just gorgeous and it's good to know that I'm not the only person to get hours of pleasure from staring at haberdashery! xx

  2. Wonder how many like us are out there, lots I suspect. Xx