Saturday, 11 June 2016

Fabric Sample Book Cushions


The lovely Sarah from Drawn Threads gave me some fabric squares from a sample book, the type that you choose your sofa fabric from.  I had the idea to make some new cushions out of them. Managed to get 5.5 inch squares out of each one of the pieces of fabric which was handy as when I sewed them into a nine patch it was exactly the right size for my existing cushion pads.  Phew. Backed them with an off cut of fabric that I bought for £2.  Used the zips unpicked from my old cushion covers.

While in the cushion making mood, made some more using the leather I was given along with pieces from Sarah's free fabric box and upholstery fabric I was saving for a rainy day.  Covered some buttons for the middle with matching fabrics.

I like the idea of thrifty makes, gives me more pleasure than just buying new cushions.



  1. Oh very nice! Very thrifty too. I especially like the ones on the settee.

  2. Thanks Lizzie, they look better with the buttons in the middle. X