Thursday, 20 October 2016

Vintage Suitcase Makeover


We had a lovely weekend at the Pickering War Weekend in the North Yorkshire Moors.  The weather was a bit dodgy but there were some dry spells.

There were lots of interesting vintage stalls, mainly 1940's clothes alongside some vintage treasures.

Couldn't resist this old slightly tatty small suitcase.

At first I thought it was made of fibre board stuff but looking more closely at the scuffs, could be really hard leather.  Cleaned with my saddle soap which got the grime off but it still looked faded and scuffed.  So working on the principle that I couldn't make it any worse, gave it a coat of Danish oil.  I know Danish oil is normally for wood but...

It worked, brought the colour up nicely and gave it a nice sheen. Turns out its a case made for the Post Office, no idea of its age.  I am guessing around 1930/40 but if you know better, please let me know.

Was going to line the inside with Liberty Fabric but decided to leave it well alone.  Filled it with fabric (now there is surprise).

The other suitcase is another find, its in really good condition so apart from a quick wipe over, nothing to do with that one apart from filling it with, yes, fabric!

They look great together.



  1. Very nice suitcase - I'd have been tempted too. Your fabric stashes are unbelievably neat!!! You've given me the idea of using my Singer 99 suitcase type case for storing fabric (there's no machine in it!).

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, really pleased with them. Take care. x

  3. Hi Lizzie, I folded the fabric around one of my smaller quilting rulers so they were all the same height if that makes sense! Did the solids first, then the novelty wore off so the smaller case isnt so neat. Using the Singer case is a great idea, pictures please. x

  4. What a cool old case!! You really did a nice job restoring it.

  5. Thank you, its surprising what a bit of polish can do. x