Sunday, 7 May 2017

Vintage Sewing Spot & a few new projects


I sew in the conservatory, the light is good, its usually warm and I can look out onto the garden.

First a nice old table just the right height for little old me along with an old Lloyd Loom style chair to sit in. The more I sewed in there, the more stuff started to creep in. The other problem is that any fabrics or thread left on the table will fade.  I had bought different boxes and baskets but it was all getting a bit messy.

So I took out the linen basket replacing it with this little cupboard from the summerhouse, all the boxes fit inside.

It's ideal, will double as a cutting surface instead of the dining room table.  The iron and ironing pad on it now making more room on the table, the added bonus is that its at better height when I am stand to iron seams.

When I looked at the photo, realised that nearly everything is vintage and/or secondhand so a thrifty space.

Buzz's old leather collar finally gave up the ghost and I was going to chuck it out. Then I had a thought, I would make him a new one with pretty fabric using the buckle and metal loop.  Did try to get him to model it but he is a bit camera shy and sulked.  His coat is so thick it doesn't show up too well anyway.  He is getting an old chap now.

Made a couple of mini quilts.

I have started to use a magnetic pin dish to keep my machine feet in one place, if I just leave them on the table I always have to play "hunt the foot" on the floor.  Its really useful if you are doing something that involves more than one foot change.

Tootle pip



  1. I love seeing pictures of other people's sewing spaces. Yours looks very nice and I do like your taste in furniture! Nice garden by the looks of things too.

  2. Thanks Lizzie, think the cupboard is 1930ish. X

  3. What a gorgeous stitching space and I love all the upcycling. Buzz's new colour is very stylish, what a posh pooch he looks!