Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Steam Train Dog


We've had a little steam train holiday and of course, Buzz came with us.

He is getting an old chap now so had to be lifted onto the lovely trains which wasn't his favourite thing, the lifting not the trains.  He has been on so many over the years, he is not bothered at all by the noise or steam.

"If I stare at Dad long enough, he will give me a biscuit?"

"This waiting for trains is a bit boring"

First class carriage, "pity I am too old to jump up on the plush seats".

The signage around the stations were brill.  Not sure what Brain-Fag is but I am sure I have it!

Had a ride on this funicular railway at Bridgenorth.  Very smooth short journey saved walking up a steep hill.

Pretty station

Steaming, Buzz didn't bat an eyelid when we got engulfed.

Had a walk down the side of the track.

As you can see, he gets really stressed!  Just joking, he was so laid back.

A choo choo train.

I would love a signal box in my garden to use as a sewing workshop, do you think they would notice if I nicked it!

Back to work now, loads of grass to cut.  Hey ho.



  1. I can just imagine a signal box as a sewing room! Lovely and light and with a good view. Maybe someone could build you one....