Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Crazy Patchwork


It rained on Sunday afternoon so I couldn't garden soooooo I got my lovely sewing machine out.  I was going to have a go at crazy patchwork (never done it before).  This is what you do with all the tiny bits of fabric left over from making a quilt that you can't bear to throw out cos they are pretty!  First I had to make an ironing pad to save on space (ironing boards take up so much room) so I came up with this to match my tiny sewing machine and dinky travel iron (I put it on top of a chopping board for safety - didn't want to scorch my cutting mat or table)

The sewing began, I must say at this stage not quite sure what it is going to be, possibly some sort of lavender sachet thingy???!!!

The next stage is to embroider the seams to make it fancy - then make something with it - I will keep you posted.

If you are wondering - this is what the quilt looked like, I made it last winter when it snowed!  Its my first machine made quilt (pre Singer machine) but I did do the quilting by hand.

See you later

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