Friday, 17 August 2012

First Blog - Singer Featherweight 221


Thought that I would start my Blog with my new Sewing Machine.  I was so excited when the Postman arrived with it, I had wanted one for ages after missing a few on EBay, I finally got one. Buzz helped me unwrap it (notice all the dogs toys - well you have to keep a collie busy)

Singer Featherweights are vintage machines, this one is from 1957 (older than me) and they are one of the best quilting machines ever! according to our American quilting friends, they go mad over them, there are websites, blogs dedicated to them so it's easy to find out how to operate them.

They come in a very sturdy oak box which is covered in fake leather so they are ideal for taking to sewing/quilting classes.

Isn't this the prettiest sewing machine ever,  its soooooo cute

Notice the tiny oil can, these machines need regular oiling, the motor is quiet and the machine sews smoothly but it let you know when it needs its oil fix, it talks to you (well makes more noise).  This one is in super condition, I replaced the rubber feet and had to get a set of feed dogs, thank goodness for the internet.  I have given it a good clean and service including adjusting the belt.  Its brill.

More later.




  1. I think it looks adorable! And buzz did a great job of helping you!

  2. Hi Sharon, lovely to hear from you and thank you. I love yr 'new' machine and blog, take care, Karen x

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks for your lovely comments, did you recognise the table it was sitting on, I bought it from Milkchurn cottage, it was the one with the fancy fluted legs! Sharon