Monday, 1 October 2012

Holiday Fabric Treasure


Just got back from holiday and thought that I would share some holiday fabric treasure.

We called into Wallingford in Oxfordshire to visit a dear friend (hi Sheila) and just round the corner was a fabulous fabric shop called Village Fabrics (they have a website ) last time I was there it was a curtain fabric shop with a small amount of patchwork fabric.  NOW it's a patchwork shop with  a small amount of curtain fabric.  What a super shop, it runs classes, has quilting groups, knitting and crochet group, sewing groups.  When I was there an afternoon class was just finishing and the ladies were streaming out with their sewing machines, it sounded that they had a wonderful afternoon.  I nearly spent my holiday money in the first day! but I got a hold of myself and just had a small spend.  Bought some fat quarters, some   garden design buttons, a pin cushion kit and would you believe it a bag of scraps for £3 which will be brilliant for crazy patchwork.

On the same trip, I found some lovely vintage buttons, some of which are mother of pearl for 5p each in a posh antique shop in Llangollen, and in another shop, four fat quarters of William Morris material.

Buzz enjoyed his holiday especially the walks along the canals, here he is having a rest on a long walk

Isn't that the prettiest place?

We went on a horse drawn canal boat at Llangollen and here is Buzz waiting while we had breakfast, love the sign

Well, off to get started on all that fabric - I will let you know how I get on.

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