Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pin Cushion Obsession?


Well, its been lovely weather in North Yorkshire so been busy doing my gardening job which means hardly any sewing (rainy days are for sewing not gardening!).  But I have managed to complete the pin cushion kit I bought from the lovely shop in Wallingford.  It was bit fiddly to make but worth it.  As usual, sewn on my lovely Singer Featherweight machine and finished by hand.

Its a sort of desk tidy for my sewing room (apols for the bad photo but you will get the idea).

Remember my crazy patchwork, I had a little piece left so made another heart pin cushion with pretty braid and buttons on it.  It isn't technically crazy patchwork but uses the same technique of sew and flip on the sewing machine.

I love making little patchwork projects, the last few have been pin cushions, I am running out of pins!

Bye for now, its sunny again so off gardening.



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