Monday, 19 November 2012

Walking Foot for Singer Featherweight 221


Have been waiting for the postman to deliver my parcel for the USA for a short while.

Tad daaa, here it is a Walking Foot for my 1957 Singer Featherweight - yipeeeeeeeee

I found it on the net at  It was a very reasonable price even with the postage from the States.  April's website has a wealth of information and instructions on everything about Featherweights.  There are instructions for all the feet that come with the machines which is really handy as they are scary looking things but so useful once you know how to use them correctly.

I have some spare feet so am going to have a go at selling them on EBay, I am OK buying but new to selling so fingers crossed.



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  1. Hi, Sharon! Thank you for e-mailing the link to your blog... hope you are enjoying your Walking Foot and all the lovely things it will help you make.

    Have a great day!

    Your Stitchery Friend,