Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Nine Patch - Patchwork Cushion


Had a few days with my Singer Featherweight cos of the flooding and rain, so glad that I don't live near a river!  Have been beavering away making Xmas pressies, its going to be a home made Xmas this year.

Can't show the pressies, don't want to spoil the surprise but I can show you this :-

Had a go at 9 patch machine patchwork before my holiday, found a really good demonstration by our American patchy friends at the Missouri Quilt Company.  Here is a link   Its a really quick and easy way to do patchwork squares on the sewing machine without having to cut each individual square.   I decided that I would make a cushion so that I could take it on holiday with me and hand quilt the squares, which I did. It has sat in my sewing basket waiting to be made up into a cushion cover so this week, finally got round to finishing it.  Its made from Vintage Country Diary Fabric which I had in my fabric cupboard.

Here is the finished cushion.  For a first attempt, I am quite pleased with it.

Its going to live on the spare bed but I took the photo in the conservatory as the light was better in there.




  1. Hi Sharon lovely to see at the craft fair yesterday. I'm resting today, feel like I could sleep for a week, lol.

  2. Hi Fiona, I thought that your stall looked lovely and the boxing hares even more wonderful in real life. Cheers Sharon