Sunday, 24 February 2013

Thread Catcher


Visited a friend in the village who quilts.  Her friend had made her a thread catcher.  I have never heard of them before but what a good idea.  Even though I have a bin next to my sewing table, I never hit it with threads that I cut off my patchwork, they consequently end up on the floor and then into the hoover!  So how about a bin for threads close at hand.  I haven't any excuses for missing this!  It took a bit of working out how to make one but here is my version, if I do another, it will be slightly smaller.

It is also very useful when I am hand sewing on the sofa, I normally balance cotton reel, scissors etc on the arm of the sofa, they usually get knocked off and end up on the floor or worse still, eaten by the sofa!

The cushion at that goes on the table is weighted with lentils (you can use sand) and it doubles as a pin cushion if you need one.

In real life, its not quite as pink as it looks, the camera decided it needed to be shocking pink for some reason!



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