Thursday, 13 June 2013

Summer Garden


I have been very lax at Blogging, the sewing has been put on the back burner while the weather is good, spending my time gardening, mainly for my customers but sometimes for myself.

Had the urge to do hanging baskets this year for the cottage, I went to a Salvage and Restoration Show at Ripley Castle a few weeks ago and came back with a wire birdcage.  Here it is, I planted it up to use as a posh hanging basket.  I forgot to buy some moss so had to rake some out of the village green in front of my house so I keep getting the odd tuft of grass growing!  The plant up the side is a rather nice clematis which has outgrown its plant support and is heading for the roof, it must have liked the rose feed I gave it!

The birdcage matches my cream table and chair set rather well.

I love this time of year, the white shrub is taking over but I didn't have the heart to chop it back, its so pretty and at dusk the white flowers seem to glow.


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