Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Gardener's Quilt


I've been really busy with my gardening business but a couple of weeks got the urge to quilt so had a rummage in my fabric cupboard

Found a pack of blue, green and a sort of mustard colour fat quarters.  Decided on pin wheels again, I just love these blocks, quick and easy to do.  What I am making??

A bench quilt for my lovely customers Don and Margaret to go either in their Arbour Seat or on the bench overlooking the pond so that they can sit and relax while I tend their glorious garden.   They are a bit shy so didn't want their photos taken but as Buzz comes to work with me, he didn't mind posing (he wasn't allowed to lay on the rug!).

Buzz loves visiting this garden as it comes with an endless supplies of biscuits and has a parrot in the house which whistles and asks him if he wants a cup of tea!  Buzz is fascinated by it, at first he ignored it but once is spoke, he is obsessed, if he goes missing, he is in with the parrot ready for a round up session if needed.  Jason, the parrot is quite an elderly chap now, over 45 yrs old.  They are funny together.  When I am gardening outside the window and Jason can see me, he whistles for me and at coffee time, we have a little chat and if he is in a good mood, he lets me stroke his head.

We love our Friday morning visits.


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