Friday, 9 August 2013

Arbour Seat Makeover


I have been busy giving the arbour seat a much needed makeover.  Here is a before photo, I appear to have been using it as a plant stand!

I originally painted a horrid cacky brown, what possessed me? And to make matters worse, I even painted the 5 bar garden gate the same colour.  The gate got a makeover quite quickly but the arbour seat is such a pain to paint with all that trellis, I never got round to it until now.

Ta daaa

Inside there is a surprise - a little wren house which gets used in the spring for nesting every year, the nest material is left in for a winter roost, you can see that they are using it for a roost as the hole in the nesting material gets bigger as the winter progresses.  Apparently lots of wrens cuddle up together on cold nights to keep warm.  Then at the beginning of March I pull the old nest out and they build a new one within the week.

While I was painting Buzz was relaxing on the lawn with his favourite toy.


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