Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Singer Foot Controls - how to keep them safe


My Singer 327 has a fixed electrical cord and foot control unlike my Featherweight which unplugs and has a special bracket in the lid of the case.

As you can see, its a bit of a pain when packing the machine in its box which just covers the machine and clips at the ends to secure, leaving the control foot and leads flapping about inside.

While browsing through sewing blogs, I found a pattern from  http://www.incolororder.com/2011/10/lined-drawstring-bag-tutorial.html  for a lovely lined drawstring bag, a light bulb moment, this would be ideal for keeping everything together. Had an afternoon free so had a play with the Singer 327, its is much quicker than the feather weight, which is wonderful when running up curtains but for the more detailed stitching the featherweight is more controllable.

Found a nifty little tool in a vintage sewing basket my elderly Aunt gave me, I thought it was for pulling ribbon so gave it a try today.

It worked a treat, loads better than faffing about with safety pins.  It will become one of my favourite sewing gadgets, better find a safe place for it, now I have found it would hate to loose it.

Going to make another couple of bags, one for the toyota foot control and another for the Singer Featherweight foot and leads for when its not packed in its box and I leave the machine out, it will keep the foot safe.

Also had a go a fixing a horse rug today with the 327, it coped quite well, used zig zag for repair the tears so I am pleased with my new old machine.


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