Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dresden Plate Patchwork Cushion


Just a quicky.  Was up in my loft looking for a sturdy box and found a round cushion that I had put up there many moons ago.  So thought that I would give it a new cover using Dresden Plate pattern.  Decided to buy a gadget to help (I do like gadgets), an ez Dresden acrylic template from Simplicity

It's dead easy to use, just cut a strip of fabric, I used 5 ins. Then using a rotary cutter, cut the first one out, then turn the template upside down to cut the next, keep rotating it until you have the required 20 pieces to complete the circle.  Then sew in pairs using 1/4 inch seams, pairs together, fours together and then join up all the pieces to complete the circle (remember to press the seams to the dark side).  Cut out a circle of card the correct size to cover the gap in the middle, then a circle of fabric slightly larger, do running stitches around the edge of the fabric circle, lay the cardboard in the middle and pull the ends so that fabric gathers around the card, iron and take out the card.  Then slip stitch the circle in the centre of the dresden plate.

Tad daa


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