Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sew Tidy aka Thread Catchers


Got carried away making these.

They are called Thread Catchers but I think that Sew Tidy is a much better name for them.  They are "sew" handy.  I have two now, one next to my Singer for when I am snipping cottons ends off my sewing, note the pile of threads etc in the picture below, once over all this would have ended up on the floor as I am a rotten shot when aiming for the waste bin.  While I was on, I made a new ironing pad as my old one was getting tatty, I just loved this hedgehog material.  Its got the heat resistant wadding inside to protect the table.

My other Sew Tidy resides on the arm of my sofa in the living room, I keep my scissors, thimble, thread, reading glasses in it for when I am hand sewing, it stops me loosing stuff down the side of the sofa.  The pin cushion part is packed with organic wheat and some home grow lavender out of my garden so it smells nice.  Here it is on my Lloyd Loom Chair arm, the wheat weighs it down and keeps it stable when stabbing your pins in.

I have made a few for friends and family and they have been delighted with them so made these extra ones to go in my Folksy Shop


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