Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lucky Day - Singer 201K in Oak Table


This time it's definitely not my fault!!!!!

My dear friend Julie, emailed me saying that there was a Vintage 1930's Singer Sewing machine on Freecycle and that she had requested it on my behalf and got it.  So the upshot was, I ended up dashing over to Masham to collect it, not knowing what model it was.

Well, imagine my delight to find it was a black 201K the later model in a very sturdy oak table.  Rosie the owner hadn't used it for 9 years after having a problem with her eyesight.  She told me that the last time she had used it there was something wrong with the tension.  She said its was called Mavis so Mavis it is.

Meet Mavis

I know, stated in writing that I wouldn't restore any more Singers.  Hah, she is sitting there, just waiting for a wash and brush up.

I tested the tension but it wasn't working so pulled it apart, 2 parts missing so straight on the net for a replacement assembly which I have found for £8.  The machine had a little note stuck to it saying needle threaded front to back which was odd, thought that 201 were threaded right to left, my other one is.  Took the needle out to discover it didn't have a flat side at all so was the wrong needle.  Wondering if the owner had replaced the needle with the wrong one which would cause stitch problems and wrongly thought that there was something amiss with the tension assembly, took it apart and put it back together with a couple of bits missing.  Anyway, waiting for the parts to arrive.  The needle size is 15 x1 aka 2020, flat side to the left, thread from right to left.  Always check your manual with these vintage machines its an easy thing to get wrong.

The motor runs quiet and smooth, the machine just needs a good clean/polish and oil.  The paintwork is in excellent condition especially the decals.  She is going to be a wonderful machine when I get the tension sorted.  She dates from 1954 not 30s.

The varnish on the oak table is very secondhand so will take the machine out, sand off all the old varnish and re-polish with something to give it nice finish to show off the lovely grain of the oak.  It is really very well made,with a dinky pull down drawer thingy for storing bits and bobs together with a metal support which pings out when you lift the lid, it is to support the extension leaf.

So, its supposed to be a winter project but......... watch this



  1. Lucky Mavis, she and her previous owner will appreciate that she has gone to a loving new home x

  2. Hi Josie, thanks for your comments, mavis is proving to be a tricky girl to fix so she has been put away for a little while!