Sunday, 22 June 2014

Singer Zig Zag and Blind Stitch Attachments for Straight Stitch Machines


Really caught the bug for fancy Singer attachments.  Enjoyed playing with the buttonholers so went on the hunt for a couple more gadgets.  Tested them on the 221K Featherweight and 201K.

Zig Zag Attachment

Think this is copy of a Singer attachment (marked patent not Simanco) and works exactly the same.  It enables you to zigzag on a straight stitch machine, instead of the needle moving from side to side this shifts the fabric and works a treat.  You can adjust the size of the zig zag stitch by turning the screw at the back of the attachment.

Haven't tried it with the extra bit on it, I presume its for edge to edge stitching but zigzag instead of straight stitch and for inserting ribbon and lace again using zigzag stitch.  Will have a go later on.

Blind Hem Stitcher

This is a nifty tool, it stitches 6 straight stitches and then does a dinky zigzag stitch, just one to catch the hem (by shifting the fabric not the needle) perfect for hemming when I can't be bothered to hand stitch.  It came with full instructions, it takes some getting used to folding the hems but once its clicked how to do it, easy peasy.

This attachment comes with a special thumbscrew to attach it to the presser bar on your machine but if yours is missing, you could try the normal foot thumbscrew, it might or might not fit, if it doesn't just use the longer thumbscrew that's on machine bed lock that stops the machine being tilted back.

Both of these attachments are used with the feed dogs engaged.  If you look on UTube, there are demos with them in action.


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