Friday, 3 April 2015

Luscious Liberty Prints


I have been a very lucky girl.  My friend's Mum Anita, a quilter arrived with a car full of goodies for me. Talk about combined Christmas and Birthday all at once.

All sorts of quilting books to give me inspiration.  Quite a library.  Packs of writing paper and envelopes with quilting designs on them.  A bundle of wadding for my hexie quilt.

A lovely collection of Liberty prints.

A huge collection of fabulous fat quarters in all sorts of colours and prints.

And finally, the lend of a floor mounted quilting frame for me to try.  I had mentioned that I was struggling on the larger quilts to keep the fabric from bunching up when I hand quilt.  Did try a hoop without a stand but just couldn't get comfortable with it.

How exciting is that, now I need to find somewhere to store the fabric.  Will have a clear out of any fabrics that I already have but will never use.  A spring clean is in order.

Need a shoehorn to squeeze the fabrics into the cupboards and drawers.

A huge thank you to Anita.



  1. Wow! that was really lovely of her!

  2. She is so kind and thoughtful, I keep peeking at the fabric, can't wait to start a new project xx

  3. Do you want me to try out the frame for you and write a review? :)

  4. Thanks for the offer Yas, I have a practice piece on it at the mo, not got the hang of it yet but practice makes perfect. I will do a review of it once I have the sussed it and actually done a proper piece of quilting.