Monday, 27 July 2015

A Yorkshire Dale - Textile Picture


Well, the miserable rain has given me an unexpected day off so a quick trip to Richmond for some new wellies and a few errands.

Then time to play with the Singer Featherweight, practicing free motion embroidery on my Yorkshire Dale picture.

This is where I had got to after the Workshop at Drawn Threads Drawn Threads  (Sarah uses Facebook so more pictures by my fellow students are on a page).  I don't use Facebook, just got to grips with Blogger!!
Perhaps I should change my Blog name to 'Prehistoric' Button Box, I am so far behind in this technology age.

 Drum roleeeeeee

Confession time, I didn't think about a frame size when I stitched it, just jumping in with both feet.  Then had to put an extra wall along the bottom edge so it would fit in the insert of my recycled picture frame.  I really must plan ahead more, I design gardens like this, never measure anything.  My gardens evolve a bit like this picture.

Thank you Sarah for your encouragement.


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