Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Perfect Buttonholes - Greist Buttonholer


My Sister is a Granny, she kept wishing for them and now she has three of various ages, all dinky little tots.  She has started to sew for them and I got an email.  She needed some buttonholes and could I do them with my Greist Buttonholer.

So set it all up and had a go. I used the Singer 201 and dropped the feed dogs but it comes with a feed dog cover so can use it on the Singer Featherweight as well.   Gosh it was nerve racking finishing someone else's sewing with a gadget that I have only used once (not many buttonholes in quilts!).

It's a bit weird to use, once you have marked where you want your buttonhole, you line up the needle on your chalk line with the buttonholer set away from you (it comes with instructions), then put the needle down and set the sewing machine away.  Hands free sewing, you don't need to guide anything, its best to go round twice, then just stop the machine.

Tad dah, complete with buttons from my box.  Sandi has made such a super job of this little waistcoat, its completely reversible with working pockets on both sides.

I was glad to hear that she has managed to get her own buttonholer from Ebay and has sent for an additional set of templates from the USA so that she has a good range of buttonhole sizes.  She has already used hers and loves it so I am off the hook.



  1. Beautiful buttonholes!! I've got a Singer buttonholer which I have had for ages but haven't yet tried out - I must.....I've got a Featherweight (still under the table awaiting my attention) and a 1953 201, and one or two others. I laughed at your comment about getting to grips with Blogger - so am I! It's not as easy as people on Youtube etc. make out!!

  2. Hi Lizzie, if your Singer buttonholer is the one with templates it is exactly the same as the Greist. They are good fun to use. You should sort out the Featherweight, they are lovely machines to use and look sooooo pretty. x

    1. Thanks for the info - I will have a look at mine. And yes I was thinking about my Featherweight again today.... if I do get on and do it I shall do a post about it on my blog. First grandchild on the way though so next job is cot pockets!

  3. Hi Lizzie, can't wait to see your Featherweight (no pressure!). I am slowly converting people to my way of thinking, one of the ladies at my sewing group has bought 2! and yesterday, met a new lady who had 2 and NEVER USED THEM! She saw me using mine and was going home to try hers, she hadn't realised how beautifully they sewed.