Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Vintage Buys


After booking up a pitch for the motorhome at the last minute, we set off on Friday for the Pickering WWII weekend.  It was a bit of a rush and the result was I forgot the camera. DOH!  We were half way there before I realised.  Soooo no photos of the fabulous event!

There were ooodles of vintage stalls so had a bit of spend.  Bought this really neat case to use to keep my patchwork bits when I am on the move.

Found a stall with some handy sewing items on it so had another little spend.

The scissor sharpener is brilliant.  The egg thingy is to hold my silver thimble, it fits inside perfectly.

Going to recover the inside of the case with some pretty fabric and hopefully add some storage pockets when I figure out how to do it.

My Partner Glock went to watch a battle scene at the showground which had loud bangs from the guns which was too much for sensitive Buzz so we had an hour or sew (I was sewing) in the motorhome.  Glock came back with a pressy for me, he thought that it would be useful for storing stuff in.

But when I saw the buckles on the side, had a light bulb moment.

Make a fabric strap for it so that I can use it as a shoulder bag.

Gave it a clean and a polish

A huge thank you to Glock, it was a brilliant find.


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