Thursday, 14 January 2016

Friendship Quilt & Basting Grid Review


A little while ago, the lovely Anita gave me a call asking if I would like to have her quilting equipment as she was giving up quilting.  Gosh!

I had no idea just how many wonderful things she would give me.  It was a overwhelming, rulers of every size and shape, huge cutting mats, needles, rotary cutters, quilting hoops, templates, batting and boxes of fabric, the list goes on.  After filling the car came home in a daze!

She had a complete quilt top that needed making into a quilt so as she had been so kind to me I said that I would finish it.  So as the weather is against me gardening wise, started on the quilt on Saturday

One of the really useful tools that she gave me was this nifty thing.  Its called a QuilTak Basting Grid.  I use a tag gun to baste instead of tacking but always found it a bit tricky trying to keep the quilt straight and flat while lifting it slightly so the tag gun needle goes through the fabric.  I usually lay the quilt on the carpet but often fasten the quilt to the floor.  This grid slides under the quilt and you just push the tag needle through without having to lift anything.  Brilliant.

My tag gun is called a Micro Stitch which I bought off Ebay.  I had a quick look for the grid but could only find one in the USA.  Not sure where you would get one in the UK.  Anita is a very experience quilter who traveled to America so I expect she brought it back in her luggage.

The quilt top was made by Anita's friends when she was poorly.   She pieced the centre and then it was passed around her friends to add to it.

What a wonderful job she did with the very impressive star and flying geese.

I quilted on the Singer 201 and added the binding.

Decided to call it Anita's Friendship Quilt so made my usual label for it.

Hope she likes it, completing it was just a small thing compared to her generosity.  She is such a kind person.

Update - got a pretty card off Anita, she loved how I had done the quilt.  Phew.



  1. What a gift!! And how lovely that you completed the quilt for her.

  2. I am so grateful to receive it, there is enough equipment to start a quilting class so when I am too rickety to earn my living as a gardener, will start doing workshops in the village hall. x

  3. Aww, good things happen to good people! I bet your friend fell in love with the finished quilt xx

  4. Thanks Josie, only got it posted off yesterday so fingers crossed! x