Sunday, 22 January 2017

Baby Boom Cot Quilts


I am starting to lose count of how many cot quilts I have made.  My niece Amy is expecting her second baby, its late like her first.  She didn't ask what it was so have made another neutral quilt.

Cute farmyard animals.

Had some fabric left over so made her a cushion for her new nursery chair, thought it might help support her arm when she is feeding. I hand quilted around the animals so it has a textured feel to it.

All ready to parcel up.


Update Amy has had a not so little boy weighing in at 10.5lbs.  Both doing well,

My school friend Helen is going to be a granny in March, Katy wanted to know what she was having so its a girl.  This one is a girly pink one, its my favourite.

The backing fabric is from Moda "Bespoke Blooms" by Brenda Riddle, its lovely fabric soo pretty and feels divine.  Kicking myself cos I only bought the metre I needed for the back of this quilt.  Will have to keep my eye out at the Quilt show in Harrogate later in the year.  I quite fancy doing a plain "whole cloth" quilt with this fabric and machine quilting it, will have a go if I manage to get some more fabric.

I didn't have any fabric left over from this quilt so no extras.  I like it better when I over estimate (wild guess more like!), they get another gift!  Don asked me the other day how do I decide how big the quilt should be for a cot, my answer was, when I run out of fabric!



  1. They're both absolutely gorgeous! Baby quilts are such a thoughtful and loving gift and they'll be cherished xx

  2. Thanks Josie, Amy had a not so little boy on Friday, 10.5 lbs! So the farmyard quilt is perfect for a boy x