Sunday, 29 January 2017

Keep your Quilting Templates and Small Rulers Safe


Here in the UK we have a wonderful shop called Wilko.  It sells all sorts of stuff including stationery.  I bought some handy small wallets to store my work receipts in and a dinky file to keep the wallets in. Then had a brainwave and got a couple more for quilting templates and small rulers.  I find these tricky to store, had ended up with them all over the place in tins and boxes.

The Lori Holt "Bloom Quilt" & "Cozy Christmas" templates are very easy to misplace so needed a secure form of keeping them.  These little wallets are ideal, they have a popper fastener on them.  There was only one of the templates that wouldn't quite fit in the wallet but did fit in the file Ok.  There are little index labels on each section of the file. The file is small enough to pop in your bag when you are out and about or just take the wallet.

My smaller rulers fit in the other one a treat.  Each in their own individual section in the file.

So no excuses for lost templates.

If you are wondering, the button wallets are £1.00 for 5 pack, the cheque files were £1.25 each. Bargain.

Word of caution, when the file is full the elastic over the button is tighter, don't do what I did.  Undo it and let go of the elastic when the file is on your knee, ping, it doesn't half sting when it hits your leg!!!


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