Monday, 10 July 2017

Singer Sewing Machine 221K - Folding Iron


In America, Singer produced a folding iron to go into the case along with the machine.  I have never seen one of these irons for sale in the UK, I am a frequent user of Ebay and have seen the USA ones fairly regularly.

My sister went into a local Vintage Shop in Yorkshire and found two vintage folding travel irons.  They are not a Singer brand but very similar.  She kindly gave one to me, as you can see, its hardly been used at all.

It comes in a neat well made case.  Haven't tried to see if it will fit in the 221K case, I suspect it might be a bit of a squeeze.

It very comfortable to use and its got some weight about it so lovely to iron with.

Full instructions included.  Not sure that I will be plugging it into a UK light fitting, will use an adaptor.

 All tucked up.

This is what I normally use next to my Sewing Machine.

Was using the 201K today as I needed to sew some leather.  The iron goes really well with it, much  better than plastic!

WORD OF WARNING - My sister plugged her similar iron in, left it sitting up on her ironing pad on top of her new cutting mat. She then went downstairs to get a jumper, when she got back the iron was so hot, it had melted through to the cutting mat.  Yikes.  I actually haven't tried mine out yet as I didn't have a suitable plug adaptor. 



  1. That's a very cute little iron. I have a small one from the 1960's that belonged to my aunt. It still works fine and is not very heavy. I would so love to have a Singer iron. I've never even seen one.

  2. Deborah, just google Singer 221 folding iron to see what they look like. There are a good selection of this type of non singer irons on UK ebay, they are not expensive. Thanks for visiting the Buttonbox. X

  3. What a lovely little iron! I could do with a second iron for my sewing (and a nice little ironing space...... - I've got the space, just need to set up the right table and make an ironing pad)and shall do some googling when I've got time.

    1. I just love it, can't decide whether to leave it in the box all neat and tidy or have it out on display!