Sunday, 30 July 2017

Review of My Singer Featherweight 222


It's been a couple of weeks since I got the Singer 222K have made a few small projects so that I can get to know her.  After a major service, you need to use your machines to get all that lovely oil in the moving bits.  If like mine, had hardly been oiled, its really important.

First project is a dolly quilt for my Sisters grandchildren to play with in the old pram.  I was given some little pre-cut squares in various colours so sorted out the pink ones.  Added a bit of gray sashing and a shop bought bias binding.  This was the warm up, speedy make to get that machine working.

The second project was quilting a couple of star blocks I had pieced together with the 221K.  I used a walking foot to "quilt in the ditch", the 222K went like a dream.  It's got a more powerful motor than the 221K.  I haven't really done stars before so these are just samples.  Used a 2.5inch mini Moda charm pack and got 2 blocks from it just adding a longer strip to each side of the blocks.

Had one more Moda mini charm left.

Thought that a quilted zipped bag would put the 222 through its paces.  With the wadding, zip and lining, the seams were quick thick, the 221 would have started to struggle a bit but the 222 had the power to sew through the layers with ease.  I think it would give the 201K a run for its money.

As much as I loved the 221K, it has it's limitations on the thicker fabrics and it is fairly slow but I like slow sometimes, especially doing the mini quilts as you have to be very accurate to get the corners to match up correctly.  

I hate to admit that I much prefer the 222.  There I said it! Feel really mean now.

Can you spy the Singer Automatic ZigZagger next to the machine.  My lovely Sister Sandi bought it for me as a surprise.  How super is that?  It needed a really good oil and some "gentle" persuasion from my brother in law, Graham to get it moving again, it had not been oiled or used in years.  I will review it in my next post, it was playing silly beggars at first snapping threads not just on the 222K, tried it on the 201K as well.  Luckily the instructions were with it so sorted it out.  Thank you Sandi. 

Happy sewing



I have been using my 222 for a while now, starting a new quilt using half square triangles made out of 2.5inch squares so quite short 1/4" seams.  The machine is fast, when it sets off, it grabs the material and goes ever so slightly sideways however carefully I start it off.  So the conclusion is the 221 is the steady eddy and does perfect short seams so perhaps there is a place for it after all in my quilty stable of machines.  I am sorry I said mean things about it.


  1. Wow, that's a really nice machine, and your little quilts are so cute! I have seen a 222 but never sewn on one. I have a zigzagger for my 301 and it works really well. Your bag turned out really nice, too.

  2. Yes, it is a nice machine so pleased with it. I've read about the 301 but never seen one. Take care. X

  3. How do you whip these things up so quickly?! Lovely quilts. I like that bag/pin cushion thingy you've got at the side there too.

    1. Hi Lizzie, its easy, my garden has nettles in it and my business accounts are a wee bit behind! Oh and its rained alot so no work gardening. The bag thingy is a thread catcher, supposed to stop you missing the bin and chucking threads on the floor but somehow my hoover still needs a de-threading! When you get a new machine you just have to play with it. X